The process of making weapons in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game is also important to explore. The lead weapon designer – Minwoo Kwon – is the one that is in charge of designing the weapons. You can find out the basics of the weapon system now!

Making weapons in PUBG game

There are several principal concepts of the weapons and the combat system in the game. There is a full list of weapons. At the movement, PUBG game features 17 various kinds of weapons, including two pistols,  one revolver, a double-barrel shotgun, a classic pump-action shotgun, four kinds of assault rifles, a semi-automatic shotgun, three sniper rifles, along with three SMGs.

The entire design team always wants the players to use and play various types of weapons in the game. More of them will be attached to the game in the forthcoming time, so now you guys can enjoy the current set of these weapons. Furthermore, there will be more discrepant kinds of melee weapons that are going to be attached to the game at several phases.

The players can steal more weapons from the world when the game has just started, excluding for several strong ones, and you can only get them from care-package drops throughout the rounds. You can alter the weapons by adding so many accessories to them, like scopes, foregrips, compensators, suppressors, extended magazines and more.

Making weapons in PUBG game

There are various levels of helmets, backpacks, and armors. You can check them out with the image above. The helmets and bests will help decrease the amount of damage to the head and upper body. With the backpacks, the players will gain more room to carry further items.

The player is able to increase the level of their characters and many weapons throughout the game when matching the accessories, weapons, various levels of armor and helmets.

The combat system should be made to look more realistic, and that’s what the design team was trying to do. PUBG game is mostly about the combat between online players, hence, the combat system should be non-invasive to make sure that the players can concentrate on the combat.

The design team utilizes the real muzzle velocity and gravity of the weapon in order to imitate close-to-real trajectory. The damage of the bullet will fade away when it traverses over distance.

The weapons sway was got rid of from the game because it can get some players irritated because of its randomness.

A recoil pattern system was also made for auto weapons. You will see a pattern in it when spraying the weapon. Over 50% of the battle is hoped to happen from mid to long range, you can start to learn as well as enhance the close range battle.

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