Vehicle Fighting

Vehicle Fighting

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Vehicle Fighting

  • When a person drives, and ideally, the second one should plan and direct the route as well as communicate. If the drive has a look at the map for only over 1 second, he can crash into a tree. During the combat, you can get some problems while trying to survive. You can open the map and create a marker. You are recommended to stay away from every dangerous area in the playing field. If you are heading to one of them, park away or you will make the enemy realize your presence.
  • If your vehicle is flipped over, you are able to throw a grenade near and it will flip back over with 33{cc1fd4bb131456ebba05870cee5e5d11cf15b5d0f9495d7134f87cbe575ca175} damage later.
  • If you are moving to the zone and you are staying far away as well as seeing some people on the road, you need to shoot out 1 or 2 tires. The car which has four tiers will be blown out and become useless immediately. Anyone who is left behind will be zoned out.
  • For some people, they use the flipped car to camouflage. From that, the foe cannot detect them and completely ignore their vehicle and keep going. It is even better when they have already flipped on top of a large bush.
  • If you get shot, you can get difficult to fire back unless you are really getting close to the target. The gun can’t shoot accurately. Undoubtedly, you will waste the ammo. You should set it forward or slightly swerve left and right. At the moment, passengers will smoke behind. In case a teammate falls down, you can drive back and cover to increase the survival chance.
  • If the car is being burnt, it will blow up and kill everybody inside or near the car.
  • If you run into another car, you will receive results at random. If you T-boned one, you and others will end up by being down. Another group can brake-check the opponent’s vehicle and those rivals will finish flipping his car. In another situation, your vehicle can be stuck in the adversary’s one. Both of you may spin in a circle and shoot at each other automatically. You explode and eliminate all.
  • Remember that the car will make a lot of noise! It is the cause that makes the other guys be aware of your position. If you are approaching a suspected danger spot, please turn off the engine or you will be finished off like the man named Sony in the video below.
  • In order to remove a car, you can check the vehicle section of the guide for in-depth stats.
  • Try to aim for everyone inside to take the fewer bullets! Make them turn around to get their friends.

Into the Village

Discover a small town in which the foe is likely to drive in. If the opponent’s car is coming near the location that appears to be not attacked, he will stop on the edge. It is the time when you start to fire on tires and their people.

Road Block

You can utilize vehicles that you have to block the bridge or the road. Do not strive to suicide at those spots!

Bait Car

Leave your car near a road and wait until somebody goes inside. Once they enter and sit, you can trigger a fire.

Inside The Bait Car

Drive and the back half is hidden in a large bush. Next, brake and stay in the back seat until the prey comes in. They will drive off and you can pop everybody in the back of their heads when you access the FPS mode. The pan is helpful, too.

Dodging a Car

Turn left or turn right 90 degrees and sprint forward. Do not implement those actions at the same time or you will just side step at a slow pace and die.

Park Away from Danger Zones

It is a good idea to keep yourself safe from every deadly region with the car that covered by a building. Find an exit and park in a garage!

Good luck!

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