Tips And Tricks For Not Being Detected In PUBG PC Game

Tips And Tricks For Not Being Detected In PUBG PC Game

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Here comes another PUBG Survival Guide on how to avoid getting detected in PUBG PC game! You may always want to know how to win PUBG PC over all of your enemies, and that’s a goal for everyone. Among PUBG PC Guides, learning how to avoid being spotted by someone else while you are covering yourself is a very important thing. With this guide, you can learn a lot of useful PUBG tips and tricks to get an upper hand on your enemies.

Making other players unable to spot you in PUBG game will significantly increase a chance at winning and you will definitely get closer to the victory at the end of the battle. You surely never want to miss a chance to learn all the tips for this, especially you aim to become a skilled gamer in this survival shooting battle royale game.

All information in PUBG PC game is extremely important! Getting detected by someone else is not good at all. You will meet a big disadvantage for sure because the enemies can run around you and sneak up on you anytime. You have to learn all the tips and tricks that help you cover yourself under the enemy radar in PUBG game.

PUBG tips and tricks on avoid getting detected while hiding in PUBG PC

Pick an appropriate shelter

PUBG PC maps are so diverse with plenty of locations. Make sure you always choose the locations that don’t put you in danger. Try to eliminate places that can make enemies spot you easily by constantly moving from one hiding place to another one, using the advantage of the terrain to do that. To do this accurately, you just guess where your enemy will come from by using your experience or some clues such as the sounds of cars, gunfire, door opening, etc. There will be likely to have more enemies from various angles in the next circle. Pay attention to Feed Kill and listen to the gunfire carefully to know which direction will pose threats to you, then prepare a plan to deal with that situation.

Use a suitable outfit to hide

The first thing you must consider is your outfit. Since the PUBG Map has bright colors, you should not wear outfits contrasting with the ground and trees in the game. Another thing to avoid is that you should not come close to bright areas like white walls or white stones. Instead, just keep yourself in the dark, and by doing so, it will be hard for the enemies to spot you. Aside from this, you should try to crouch whenever possible.

Do not make noises and attention

Make sure you make as little noise as possible in PUBG PC. First of all, try not to shoot if you can not kill your target because if you do this, you will draw the attention of other players in the nearby area to your current position. The risk of being killed is very high if you play in the Solo mode. If you make an attempt to sneak into a house that has a player inside, try not to make noises by moving softly, crouching, or even walking so the enemy will not hear you coming.

That’s all for the PUBG tips and tricks helping you not to be seen by the enemies on the battleground. You can use them to prolong your life or to ambush your enemies. If you can shoot people when they are in a moving vehicle in PUBG game, this will be a nice tactic you should follow, which also helps you destroy a target from a far distance when they are moving at a high speed.

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