The Circle (aka Blue Zone, Zone, Gas), Weather and Time, Red Zone – Artillery

The Circle (aka Blue Zone, Zone, Gas), Weather and Time, Red Zone – Artillery

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The Circle (aka Blue Zone, Zone, Gas)

The guide for the section that we mention will provide you the information related to what you can and cannot do. There are several circles. Let’s explore their diameter, the time of moving around and the ability to stay alive outside!

Circle 1

  • Diameter: 4550m
  • Survive time: 4:10
  • Travel time: 5:00

Circle 2

  • Diameter: 2970m
  • Survive time: 2:46
  • Travel time: 2:20

Circle 3

  • Diameter: 1480m
  • Survive time: 2:05
  • Travel time: 1:30

Circle 4

  • Diameter – 740m
  • Survive time: 1:40
  • Travel time: 1:00

Circle 5

  • Diameter: 360m
  • Survive time: 0:34
  • Travel time: 0:40

Circle 6

  • Diameter: 175m
  • Survive time: 0:20
  • Travel time: 0:30

Circle 7

  • Diameter: 90m
  • Survive time: 0:15
  • Travel time: 0:30

Circle 8

  • Diameter: 40m
  • Survive time: 0:10
  • Travel time: N/A

Circle 9

  • Diameter: Closes to 0m
  • In case you are staying out of the zone, the other people will suppose that you are not there.
  • If you pop the one who is out of the area, you can make them panic.
  • Circle 1-4: Bandages can heal these without effort.
  • Circle 5: Just use a booster item.
  • Circle 6: The first Aid Kits is necessary.
  • Circle 7: It’s impossible!
  • The end of the blue circle will close slowly.
  • Persons are in the fat finish spot of the blue circle.
  • If you are zoned out, the dotted line will appear.
  • When the blue ring closes in, it is similar to a scum scrapper. You and others have to run in and near the edge. At the moment, the blue border will become more dangerous.

PUBG Beginner Guide: The Circle (aka Blue Zone, Zone, Gas), Weather and Time, Red Zone - Artillery

Weather and Time

When the playing field turns darker, you will not be able to see much.

When it rains, it hides the running noise and decreases your visibility.

Red Zone – Artillery

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, bombs will be dropped in the red zone at random. A good hit will immediately blast away you.

The odds of a mine that hitting you are low.

  • If you are living in a building, you can get hit if you are near the window or a door. Keep away from those deadly positions to increase the survival chance!
  • If you are sitting in a car, everything will be finished off swiftly.
  • Possible warning: You may die inside buildings while you are being covered.
  • The red zone will only appear on an unexpected player.

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