PUBG Update 5.2 Has Arrived On Live Servers!

PUBG Update 5.2 Has Arrived On Live Servers!

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Now, you can get access to PUBG Update 5.2 on live servers. According to the latest patch of PUBG Season 5, players will experience a brand new defensive item – the Spike Trap which is now accessible. You will realize that bridge camping is always different. In addition, some changes have been made to the buildings and terrain on the PUBG Vikendi map to bring a better gameplay experience to all players. This can be a brand new way to lead your squad to the ultimate victory. Before diving into new features in PUBG Update Patch Notes 5.2, you can watch the video below for more details

Major changes in PUBG Update 5.2

First of all, players are able to use their ambush weapons and cover their 6 on a dangerous desert highway using the Spike Trap. You must position these spiked surprises in the path of an upcoming vehicle smartly and quickly to blow up their tires. You can only use the Spike Traps spawning on all Battlegrounds once. They only have an effect on a single vehicle each, and you cannot collect them again after placing them on the path.

PUBG Vikend map has experienced some balance changes to better solidify the snowbound sniperland. Some windows of buildings have been decreased for better cover while inside. Some crucial places of Vikendi map have experienced minor updates to better the map navigation and match flow.

For the ones who like to take responsibility for the fate of their squad, they are now able to use the Map Waypoint system. While the map is open, you can choose some specific places to position up to four waypoints for your squad to follow.

PUBG Update 5.2 also brings PUBG Labs to all players. This is a place where developers and fans can work together on updates and tests within the PUBG ecosystem. You can find out more details about PUBG Labs if you want. Besides, there have been a lot of bug fixes with some QOL improvements mentioned in the PUBG 5.2 patch notes too.

Make sure you will not skip PUBG Update 5.2 which is currently live on PC servers. The new update will come to Consoles next week. Get ready to discover brand new terrains, experience brand new features and have a lot of fun with the Update 5.2.

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