PUBG PC Update 5.1 Available Now on the Test Server

PUBG PC Update 5.1 Available Now on the Test Server

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Play a cool survival game and keep up with PUBG PC Update 5.1 which is obtainable on the Test Server! Not only that, it is easier to be the victor if you often modernize your knowledge of the match that you love. The following version will help you learn much more about the product which has been already kicked off.

PUBG PC Update 5.1 released on the Test Server

It is one of the new PUBG updates that will offer tons of changes for Miramar, weapons, vending machines, loot stations, and another Survivor Pass – Badlands, vehicles, etc. Why don’t you watch the message by Executive Producer TS Jang below? It is related to what you expect in PUBG Season 5.

Miramar after PUBG PC Update 5.1

Miramar one of the maps in PUBG PC has been reworked.

  • A LA Muerte Vamos Track: It is for a race, with the venue for A La Muerte Vamos in the past. There are numerous ramps, loops, jumps, and signboards.
  • Gold Mirado: It is at the garage in Hacienda del Patron. Some places there are changed. So, you can control your Gold Mirado safely. Only one Gold Mirado appears in each round.
  • Spring-cleaned Miramar: Discarded small things and trash in or around buildings to remove the mess and you can move faster while looting.

Miramar item spawn balance

  • The rate of weapons with scopes effective at long-range in PUBG Steam is improved. It is reserved for AR (12%), DMR (29%), SR (42%), Win94 (30%), Scopes (18%).
  • But, the SR of pistols will be cut down by 31%.
  • For helmets, bags, and vests, it is increased insignificantly.

Vending Machine in PUBG v5.1

Vending Machine in PUBG v5.1
  • They are set in Miramar & Camp Jackal at random. Get ready to explore a new looting experience in PUBG PS4 without charge! It’s exciting to steal Painkillers and Energy Drinks!
  • Arenas, casinos, gas stations, motels, and commercial buildings are points they are built.
  • At Camp Jackal, they are situated at the warehouse and gas station. These can provide several Energy Drinks at a time.
  • Do not use them to cover!

PUBG PC 5.1 and Survivor Pass: Badlands

The well-liked PUBG Survivor Pass has returned! It contains a lot of rewards, missions, and stronger systems!

Community Mission System

Engage in community objectives to unlock the secret story of Miramar! Whether you buy Premium Pass or not, you can participate with other people to end up tasks, obtain skins, and dig deeper into the forgotten mysteries of the map.

Community Mission System

The mission gauge in PUBG online will be full when you collect mystery collectibles on the Battlegrounds. Special Cardboard Boxes will grant one of the 3 distinctive objects. You can check discs in inventory.

  • Disc piece: 1 point toward Community Missions Goal
  • Broken disc: 2 points
  • Old DVD: 3 points

Season Missions found in PUBG PC Update 5.1

Melee and Badlands are two tracks in PUBG Season Missions.

Progression Missions

Achieve high XP by defeating difficulties through Season 5 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with 3 mission tracks and 1 for getting specific targets.

  • Track 1, 2 comprises 10 trips with the gradually increasing difficulty level, gettable for all survivors.
  • Track 3 has 12 assignments for the owner of Premium Pass.
  • To open achievements with the Milestone section, try to win daily, weekly, and Challenge missions!

PUBG version 5.1: Challenge Missions

Are you willing to involve in high-level adventures of PUBG Tencent and deploy assigned devices?

  • 1st mission of the track: Whether you have bought Premium Pass or not, please claim a T-shirt by reaching certain Survivor Pass levels 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25.
  • 2nd mission: Triumph over every weapon particular aim when using the T-shirt obtained mentioned above.
  • Remaining parts in each track: there are a series of weapon-specific missions.

Level-up items for Premium pass mission rewards

You will have more level-up items for one of PUBG Premium Pass prizes. They are non-marketable. They will work if Season 6 begins.

Survivor Title System in PUBG PC

Survivor Title System in PUBG PC
  • PUBG Survivor Title System Season 5 is introduced with improvements for the Survivor Points (SP) system.
  • Rewards for Survivor Title System Season 4 will be shown at the start of Season 5.
  • SP is set again with your performance in Season 4. It will be counted towards the initial SP in Season 5.
  • Balanced Survival Point
    • Beginner (1 point) ~ Expert (5000 points)
      • To crush titles sooner, the amount of SP gained in each match has climbed up.
      • In this SP bracket, you will not lose points, as in the old season.
    • Survivor (+ 6000 points)
      • For joiners of Survivor rank, in view of kills and placement, if putting in the bottom 30% overall in a battle, some SP will not exist anymore. It’s impossible for SP to drop down below 6000.

Gameplay since PUBG PC Update 5.1 is launched

Additions or enhancements will influence how you play PUBG game.

Refreshed Win94

Refreshed Win94

It is auto geared up with an irremovable 2.7x scope. Win94 is an exclusive weapon of Miramar.

Added throwing ability for melee things in PUBG

Added throwing ability for melee things in PUBG

Now, you can throw certain requested items to your team through radio messages (mouse wheel) to heal, reload. When the icon pops up on their head, press F to toss them. They can move a maximum of 15m.

  • If running or you are in a spot hard to approach, friends cannot perform accurately. Stuff will be delivered to your inventory or dropped at your feet if that store is full.
Added throwing ability for melee things in PUBG
  • It’s simple to carry and throw melee weapons at the rival!
    • Machete, Crowbar, Sickle: The max throwing distance is 40m. The damage will be adjusted, from 75 to 25, depending on the distance.
    • Pan: The max throwing distance is shorter than other melee ones at only 30m. However, the damage range is decreased from 90 to 40.
  • To cause the most damage before you dominate PUBG Lite or others, attempt to attack within 15m.
  • From within 15m distance, one melee throw to the head will eliminate the man without helmets.
    • Right-click when holding a melee weapon and left-click to launch
    • A trajectory arc will come while aiming.

UI/UX is tweaked with PUBG Update 5.1 for PC

Lots of upgrades seen here, for UI/UX of PUBG gameplay

Customize UI

UI/UX is tweaked with PUBG Update 5.1 for PC
  • Categories are brought together by item type. You have a new filter feature to seek details of them.
  • You can view multi-slot elements from personal categories or multi-slot category.
  • The size and position of the feedback switch are edited.
  • If you possess one or more new items, the top category will display the number of things gained. The subcategory will open a yellow marker when something is added to inventory.

Store UI

If you do not save enough money to purchase in the PUBG PC download game, click the button to head to the charging page.

In-game UI

  • The firing mode display is upgraded. It’s easier to look for a detailed view of ammunition.
  • The key guide icon is refined.
  • For the System menu, another animation is added when moving the mouse over options.
  • Some texts in Training Mode are reset.

PUBG Performance

  • Optimized cities on Erangel to repair hitching and freezing troubles
  • Did the same for the physics engine of means to strengthen client and server performance


  • The driving sound volume heard in PUBG Mobile or PC is impressive. It is lowered for some vehicles like UAZ, Bike, Motorbike w/ Sidecar, Snowbike, Mirado, Zima, Minibus and BRDM-2.
  • Lessened the audible range, frequency and volume of the insect buzzing sound in/ around buildings
  • Toned down the noise of water-related ambient such as wave and river sounds
  • The sound of Ledge Grab on wooden and metal materials is more suitable.

PUBG Custom Match

Developers have recently released an enhanced Custom Match from the previous PUBG patch notes. There are four major pieces to delve deeper into.

New limited presets to PUBG PC: Zombie Mode

The Zombie Mode that you have ever enjoyed in PUBG PC is significantly improved! They supplemented many dissimilar settings.

  • Zombie Elimination: Human players who are attacked by zombies will turn into the undead.
  • Zombie Survival: Survive during the fight, your team will win if you or anybody remain alive when the timer is over. Humans will be infected when scary monsters bite or grab them. Zombies can respawn.
  • Zombie Royale: It is the standard PUBG Battle Royale with the addition of survivors. They can be walking corpses after they die. Rules on the circle and spawn setting are similar to the public match.

Note! Only official PUBG partners can create games with those presets.

Added “ground respawn” to PUBG War Mode (Platoon battle option) and War Mode: Conquest

  • In the War Mode & War Mode: Conquest, there was no movement path or frontline constructed.
  • The development team of Battlegrounds decided to unleash an option. It helps you spawn right from the ground without parachuting. You will respawn on the ground after death by clicking on “Platoon Battle”.
  • There are 4 kinds of respawning: airdropping, death location, starting location, and selected respawning one.
  • The respawn time can be altered as your preference.

Added an option to control the throwables’ amount in PUBG Custom Match

The host can determine the max amount of throwables for each player from the course of action in Custom Match.

Polished observing UI

Evolved the name layouts, team lists, kill feeds, and player lists UIs

World in PUBG game

It is changed considerably to celebrate the PUBG Global Championship held this November. There is a variety of themed features.

World in PUBG game
  • There is a unique modification to the lobby within the PGC 2019 season. Remember to update it!
  • Added PUBG Global Championship decals, billboards to Miramar
  • With a PGC 2019 plane banner
  • Every job on the Erangel Hall of Fame located north of Shelter is concluded.
  • Added multiple things points to celebrate moments from the PUBG Global Invitational 2018, with more special ones to the Hall of Fame in the next time
  • The light of Vikendi is rebalanced to diminish the overall glare.

Replay System of PUBG

It is an enchanting destination for many fans of the game. Replay files from the former PUBG updates are no longer valid to use.

Fixes for bugs in PUBG

A large number of bugs are reported and fixed in PUBG PC Update 5.1. They are revolved around problems:

  • The continuous collision sounds when a vehicle was leaning against objects or terrain
  • The coat skin moved strangely in the lobby
  • The weapon didn’t spawn in inventory in War Mode and War Mode: Conquest if some equipment kits were chosen
  • The frame drop didn’t constantly happen in Training mode
  • The dynamic weather effect, a famous attraction of PUBG disappeared when players reconnected to a match after disconnecting
  • The chambering animation couldn’t reflect the number of loaded bullets when canceling reloading S1897
  • The melee weapon damage wouldn’t apply to means
  • The backpack and vest could be seen wrongly
  • It was no feasible to hear your crouched footsteps when moving on barefoot and in puddles
  • The feet’s image when wearing Leo Jumpsuit and Ghillie Suit together
  • Body parts became transparent when mixing some clothes, for instance, waist and hands

With the presence of PUBG PC Update 5.1 accessible on the Test Server, I hope your story will be reinvigorated more. After the success of PUBG PC, dozens of updates are rolled out regularly to make you more comfortable when playing. Alongside official news from the original site of PUBG, you can completely access our address to search for the latest information. Of course, everything is totally free. You can leave comments if you encounter any issue. Stay tuned and catch up with every release!

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