PUBG PC Update 4.2: Dynamic Weather Conditions for Erangel, Gameplay Improvements, And More

PUBG PC Update 4.2: Dynamic Weather Conditions for Erangel, Gameplay Improvements, And More

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PUBG Season 4 continues with the update 4.2! This latest PUBG PC Update brings dynamic weather conditions to Erangel island after it has been destroyed by battle. However, with a dangerous storm on the horizon, the battlegrounds will now experience even more changes.

In PUBG PC update 4.2, the survivors now have to fight one another while struggling with some elements like hail, thunderstorms, wind, rain, and fog. For more details, make sure you have a look at the new storm in this PUBG Update today:

New other things in PUBG Update PC 4.2

Besides adding dynamic weather on PUBG Erangel map, players can also get access to a wide range of gameplay improvements in this PUBG PC upcoming update, such as the reduction of Vikendi’s ambient wind noise, plenty of destructible objects on Erangel, and several changes made to vehicles.

PUBG Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH has been kicked off! There are only 8 weeks left to finish as many tasks as possible. Make sure you always have a look at the status of the co-op mission system in which players can team up with each other to finish the mission goals as well as earn more rewards.

Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH is running now until October 15th PDT and it will conclude with the live server maintenance. If you have finished any missions throughout the season, more rewards will be unlocked for you once you have bought the PUBG Survivor Pass. Make sure you keep track of the progress and check out all awesome rewards you could unlock.

Are you ready for Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH? Grab it now and start to conquer the Battlegrounds like you have never done before! Be ready to face off a wide range of weather conditions, such as rain, fog, thunderstorm, etc. and descend into the battlegrounds using your parachute.

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