PUBG PC Releases Full Update 7.3 Patch Notes Bringing Changes, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

PUBG PC Releases Full Update 7.3 Patch Notes Bringing Changes, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

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PUBG PC Releases Full Update 7.3 Patch Notes Bringing Changes, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

Have a look at the latest PUBG PC update to get new information about changes, upgrades, improvements, and bug fixes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The new PUBG Update 7.3 is now live, which means you can directly jump into new content and check it out! For the changes in this update, the development team concentrated on some survivability enhancements made to vehicles, together with a brand new explosive tool on the Battlegrounds, as well as the quality of life improvements when players parachute down onto the map, and so forth. Without further ado, let’s get right into the full PUBG PC 7.3 patch notes below!

New changes and improvements in PUBG PC update 7.3

PUBG Season 7 Vehicle Balance

There is no denying that PUBG vehicles play a crucial role in the Battlegrounds. There have been lots of players meeting their end when their vehicles explode. However, with some more realistic survivability added to this PUBG PC patch, players will now know how to survive when their vehicles take damage. Also, players will get a small window to bail out prior to the happening of the final explosion.

Changes made to explosion mechanic

  • Vehicles in PUBG PC will not blow up instantly anymore when players reach 0 HP. Instead, the engines in the vehicles will be put out of the action and set on fire, making them blow up after 5 seconds.
  • But if players take large radial damage from Red Zones, C4, and others, there is still a chance for the vehicles to explode instantly.
  • Vehicles that are exploded will get both linear and angular velocity rather than just only linear (the movement of the vehicle after explosion should be somewhat less static now).
  • Besides, all vehicles will not take increased collision damage anymore when they are rolled over.
Changes made to explosion mechanic 2

Changes made to vehicle damage

  • Most vehicles in PUBG PC will now have lots of zones that take damage, applying various damage multipliers.
    • The following vehicles will have those damage zones, including Buggy, Dacia, UAZ, Mirado, Pickup, Rony and Zima
      • All other PUBG vehicles take damage as before, regardless of areas hit.
  • Zones that take damage:
    • Engine – 100% Damage
      • Engine area, usually at the front
    • Body – 75% Damage
      • Front and rear doors, the rear and bottom sides of the body
    • Roof – 50% Damage
      • Roof panel, roof pillars, seats, mirrors
  • Boat Armor Upgrade
    • Boats now have 5 static damage decrease

New Throwable: C4

New Throwable: C4

With C4 – a new and powerful tool, players can easily wipe out timid enemies in new strategic ways. C4 in PUBG PC is provided with a massive 25-meter effective radius and damage that is able to pierce cover. You will have to escape away when you hear the beeping brick of boom. The development team of PUBG PC does not want to make C4 a new throwable due to its short range, however, players can use C4 to cut off opponent entry into a certain building or a new zone, or they can use it to make enemies get out of their safe positions.

  • C4 will now begin to beep and automatically go off 16 seconds after being thrown.
  • Players cannot stop the detonation or activate it early.
  • Pay attention to a warning LED on the C4 as well as audible beeping with growing intensity. This audible inside the damage radius tells you that the explosion is coming.
  • C4 can cling onto most surfaces, even including vehicles.
  • However, C4 cannot stick to players.
  • 25 meters is the effective damage radius, with a deadly damage radius of 15 meters.
  • The damage will expand in a vertical way, but with a bit less range (the deadly radius of 12.5 meters vertically).
  • The shockwave coming from the explosion is extremely strong. It dishes out damage to all opponents that are in its radius, even if they are using a cover.
  • You cannot throw the C4 far and you cannot bring many at the same time due to its weight.
  • C4 can be found as world loot on PUBG Maps, including Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok.
  • C4 will come to the Training Mode at a later date.

Spike Trap

Spike traps in PUBG PC are not quite useful just like you hoped. Therefore, the developers are growing the length of the traps by 50% in order to make the trapped choke points harder to get around.

  • The length of the Spike Trap is now grown by 50%.

Vikendi Loot Balance

  • The DMR spawns were grown slightly

Parachute Follow Feature

Parachute Follow Feature

The parachute follow feature was added back to normal matches in order to allow teammates to land together.

This parachute follow feature was eliminated for the time being after being added to PUBG PC Update 6.2 because of some technical problems that have been addressed now.

  • Throughout the pre-match countdown, you will see the follow UI at the bottom left of the screen.
  • You have to open the map to choose a teammate that you want to follow.
  • You can still choose a teammate to follow until jumping out of the plane.
  • Once you have chosen a teammate to follow, it can be canceled on the map screen if you want, or you can cancel it by pressing F while in the plane, or while you are going behind a player in your parachute.
  • If terrain or an object obstructs you, your follow will be called off.
  • With a brand new icon added, the “Disable Follow” option will be better highlighted.

Esports Tab

Now, in the new menu, you will see some elements, like an overview, standings, as well as the next Pick’Em Challenge. You can get access to the menu through July, so make sure you stop back frequently to find out what’s going on with PCS1 and PUBG Esports!

Menu Breakdown

  • Overview: In this part, you will have a good grasp of PCS1 as well as the Pick’Em challenge, together with the match schedule for the event.
  • Teams: You can find out all information about the participating teams and their players in this Teams part, even containing personal player stats that are updated daily. For more information, simply click regions and teams.
  • Standings: Updated standings with each region breakdown (APAC, Asia, North America, and Europe)
  • Pick’Em Challenge: This Event page is designed for the PCS Pick’Em Challenge in which you can vote on people you think will bring the event victory home. You can explore all details and information on how to take part in it for a chance to get access to unique rewards. Another announcement with more details about this will be given out before it goes live.

Make sure you wait for another announcement on things you need to learn about the Pick’Em Challenge.


Improvements made to Train System

Finally, PUBG Vikendi received an update!

Another line, extra stops, as well as some visual and audio improvements, were all added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC in order to help put more concentration on the train system. With these elements, you will know when your trains arrive and depart. Besides, some more DMRs and scenery changes were also released to finish the season.

Improvements made to Train System

Adjustments made to Train Line

  • A New train line was added to PUBG PC through this 7.3 update
    • You see that there is another train line now spanning in a vertical way when you look towards the center of the map. With this train line, it will help connect the whole system much better, making it easier to travel across the map.
  • Made some improvements to the current lines
    • The developers have put a bigger concentration on longer routes. They decided to lengthen the current train lines that would help players move to a substantial distance easily without changing trains a lot of times.
Improvements made to Train System 2
  • Stations and signals
    • All trains will now traverse two stations before they change direction. This will provide you some more time to catch up with them and jump on them.
    • You will now know when the trains arrive and depart thanks to the new flashing traffic lights and exclusive arrival and departure sounds.

Additional Cover

  • More trees and rock cover were already added to towns and regions where it was lacking.


  • Added artificial geysers to Dinoland.

Loot Balance

  • The DMR spawns were somewhat grown on PUBG Vikendi.


  • Already slightly moved network debug stats.
  • Made an improvement to the system pop-up message to show much more smoothly.
  • Made an update to the Tommy Gun icon in order to represent the weapon more accurately.
  • Made a change to logos for the 6x Scope and Shotgun Chokes.

Network Statistics Data

  • Added a new Network Statistics Data Collection option to help troubleshoot some network problems and dispatch relevant data back to PUBG.
    • This is already put out of action by default.


  • The instances of FPS hitching/stuttering that could happen when you first open your inventory in the game were decreased.

PUBG PC Survivor Pass: Cold Front

Survivor Pass: Cold Front for PC is getting closer to its end. Therefore, players are recommended to finish those missions, unlock new rewards, and use their remaining coupons.

  • Now, you can get access to the third season mission track.
  • Survival Pass: Cold Front comes to an end on July 15th 0200 UTC
  • After this conclusion, players cannot purchase Premium Pass and they cannot trigger level up coupons.
  • Grace period
  • Starting from July 15th 0200 prior to the maintenance on July 22nd, you can claim the rewards you have not unclaimed yet on the results page.
  • The Coupon Store is accessible until the grace period comes to an end, with any left coupons.
  • Coupon store
  • You can use your coupons in the coupon shop until July 22nd maintenance.
  • Coupons that are not used yet will not be accessible after July 22nd maintenance.

Ranked Mode

Some players have wondered when the Ranked season would come to its end and what rewards are available to claim. More details on rewards will be shared when the ending date of the season is getting closer.

  • The current Ranked Season in PUBG PC will come to its end with maintenance on July 22nd, and the brand new season will start instantly after the finish of maintenance.
  • You will see a timer on the Ranked lobby screen one week before the end of the season. With this timer, you will know how much time is left.
  • Ranked Rewards
  • For the first time you log in to the game after PUBG Season 8 is live, you will receive Ranked Season 7 rewards.
  • The highest Rank Tier you are holding at the end of the Season 8 in either queue will determine the Ranked Season 7 rewards.
  • If you are on the Top 500 Leaderboards at the end of the season, you will receive bonus rewards.
  • To clear your bewilderment because of some ruleset info not being mentioned in PUBG PC Update 7.2 patch notes, the developers would like to let you know that the M249, DBS, and Spike Trap will not appear in Ranked Mode intentionally.

Adjustments made to the map selection ratio

Reduction for Sanhok Ratio

  • The frequency in which you will enter Sanhok in Ranked Mode was reduced.
    • The development team had an internal discussion and collected feedback from players in relation to their experiences with Sanhok in Ranked Mode. The experience offered by the map is not the same as the bigger maps, and of course, it has been eliminated from Ranked Mode entirely. Although some players still enjoy playing on Sanhok in Ranked Mode, so the developers decided to decrease the frequency in which you will get into Sanhok matches in ranked a little bit.
  • Please continue sending your feedback on this.

Custom Match

Made improvements to Observing UI

  • Auto (combat) will now observe system (Ctrl + Z)
    • You can use the hotkey to observe the combat scenes of other players by priority. You cannot use this when in freecam or follow cam.
  • Press Ctrl + X to change to the attacker’s perspective.
    • You can use this while you are using the auto spectate system.
    • You can change to the most recent attacker that has attacked the player being spectated.
    • You cannot trigger this while you are using Freecam or Follow Cam.
  • New item visual effects
    • When you spectate a player that uses a throwable or healing item, you will see a new visual effect.
  • Team color visibility increased
    • Made an improvement to Team color UI visibility.
      • Team colors may be a little bit darker than before, with the additional shadow.

Custom Match List Overhaul

Custom Match List Overhaul
  • The matches of all game modes will be shown by the custom match list page on one page

Skins & Items

Skins & Items
Skins & Items 2

New items

  • Swimsuits #1
    • CHECKERED SUMMER SET (Including Victory dance 20 emote)
    • Summer Bikini (Black)
  • Swimsuits #2
  • PCS1 2020
    • Weapon Skin – 3 Items
    • Emote – 1 Item
  • Emotes
    • Use Your Brain
    • Rev It Up
    • Victory Dance 17
    • Victory Dance 18
  • Sales period
    • Swimsuits #1: 7/1 – 8/26
    • Swimsuits #2: 7/15 – 8/26
    • Esports PCS#1: 6/17 – 7/2
    • Emotes – 4 items: 20/6/24

Bug Fixes


  • Made a fix to a bug in which the mouse cursor would be on the screen while playing War Mode.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which weapons would clip through a back of a player sometimes as they were on the passenger seat in a vehicle.
  • Made a fix to an issue with boat/quarail heaving unsightly when being hit by a throwable.
  • Made a fix to an issue that stopped leaning or peeking from working while the player is crouching and using consumables.
  • Made a fix to an issue in which the emergence of AR and DMR compensators were changed when they were attached to the MK14/SKS.
  • Made a fix to an issue I which the character models could show up outside the vehicle when going into BRDM with a throwable.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which grenades would not dish out damage to a vehicle if they blew up while cooked.
  • Made a fix to the strange collision of the Zima/Rony’s vehicle windows.
  • Made an improvement to the animation for underarm throwing while going prone.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which weapon aiming animation would play wrongly whole in the UAZ backseat.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which characters sprinting downstairs could be thrown forwards.


  • Made a fix to an issue that showed the wrong system message when turning down a party invite.
  • Made a fix to an issue with the Parachute Follow feature and the interaction UI that did not show the accurate keybinds of a player in some situations.
  • Made a fix to a localization problem with the Mirado in the Last Match tab.
  • Repaired the uncommon system message in certain language options.
  • Made a fix to the problem with alterations in “Prepare Throw” key settings that were not used for the key guide.
  • Made a fix to an issue in which the throwable weapon indicator would not update accurately in all colorblind modes.
  • Already repaired the UI update timing for S686 reloads.

Skins & Items

  • Fixed a visual problem with PGI Title Wraps.
  • Fixed the problem with the finger of the character that was shown in an uncommon way when the player is equipping “The Chain” skin in the character customization screen.
  • Made a fix to an issue in which the camera was not secured in place on the preview screen for weapon sins, or item crates.
  • Made a fix to a visual issue with High Waisted Shorts.

Replay System

  • Made a fix to an issue with wrong team color/patterns shown in replays.
  • Made a fix to a problem where buildings demolished by the Black Zone on PUBG Karakin map were not marked as demolished when traversing replay timelines.
  • Already made an update to the replay system, and this means the replay files from previous updates are not accessible.
  • The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable for use.

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