PUBG PC Patch Notes Update 6.3 Is Out Now, Featuring Panzerfaust, New Improvements, and Bug Fixes

PUBG PC Patch Notes Update 6.3 Is Out Now, Featuring Panzerfaust, New Improvements, and Bug Fixes

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PlayerUnknown’ s Battlegrounds PC has been evolved through stages with various updates and patch notes to better the gameplay and game performance. Now, with the latest PUBG PC Update 6.3, players will get access to new features and more content, such as Panzerfaust – a new weapon on Karakin map, weapon balance changes, new gameplay improvements, and more bug fixes. There have been a variety of PUBG Patch Notes released before, you can get back to them for all details if you haven’ t caught up with PUBG PC lately. For new, with the patch notes update 6.3 for PUBG PC, you will be guaranteed to have a much better experience.

PUBG PC Update April 9

Some extra updates have been added to PUBG PC:

  • There was a significant reduction in instances of hitching throughout gameplay. The developers will optimize this when they can.
  • Made a solution to a problem where players would be capable of clipping through walls or ceilings of buildings using vaulting and ledge-grab.
  • Made a solution to some instances of this use even though players can do it in some uncommon cases. There will be more fixes for this problem.
  • Reverted the changes of the blood effect that were implemented in PUBG PC Update 5.3

PUBG PC Update April 1

The issues as shown below have been fixed, namely:

  • Made a solution to a problem with Win94 kills recorded as DBS in Mastery.
  • The backend network data logging has been improved to make the connection quality better.
  • Some changes have been deployed to decrease the cases of game crashes.

PUBG PC Update March 25

Deployed some updates for the issues below:

  • ADS view that some weapons blocked.
  • It was impossible for players to open the mission list in some cases.
  • Made a solution to a problem with visual with “Victory Dance 14” emote.
  • When PUBG Panzerfaust was hot mid-air, its warhead would not explode.
  • No ammunition for PUBG DBSand PUBG M249 when they spawned on the PUBG Karakin map.
  • Players would not be capable of completing Panzerfaust missions that finishing DBNO enemies.
  • Players would not be capable of completing Sticky Bomb missions if the enemy was DBNO.
  • When a player was using the bandage, the weapon would remain in their hand.
  • “Equip C4” was exhibited under key bindings.
PUBG PC Update March 25

PUBG PC Update March 13

The development of PUBG PC decided to make some changes for their first plans on PUBG weapons, namely, PUBG M249 will be available on all PUBG maps and this weapon will spawn as rare ground loot. The same goes for DBS shotgun which has been eliminated from Care Packages.

New content and changes for PUBG PC update 6.3

New Weapon: Panzerfaust

PUBG New Weapon: Panzerfaust

From the start of PUBG Season 5, the new weapon Panzerfaust has been introduced. It is regarded to be a powerful AoE damage tool on the battlefields, however, it is not a perfect gun when it goes with some disadvantages that can make you not choose it. The first disadvantage is that the weapon requires you to have a primary weapon slot. Due to this, your options on different terrain of the Karakin map will be limited. The second disadvantage that this gun has is someone can pay attention to the projectiles even though they move very fast. The third one is there is a blackblast area behind the Panzerfaust, which means you have to be careful for the teammates before you shoot it away.

Details about PUBG Panzerfaust

  • This weapon only spawns on the Karakin map.
  • Known as uncommon world spawn you can find across the map.
  • You will find it in every airdrop.
  • Upon impact, the warhead of this gun will explode. There is a chance for it to be blown up when shot in mid-air.
    • From the point of impact, the damage radius is accurately 6m.
    • The explosion can inflict splash damage through thin walls and objects, which is up to a short distance.
    • It can be utilized to breach specific walls on the Karakin map, just like the Sticky Bomb.
    • Panzerfaust warhead will blow up mid-air, prior to the collision if it is damaged by the explosions or shot by a bullet.
  • Panzerfaust can be used one time only.
    • Once its warhead has been shot, the tube of the weapon will be discarded, and you cannot pick it up again.
  • When the warhead is shot, there will be a blackblast area behind the gun. This means you have to be careful when you shoot it.
    • If a person is staying within a 3m zone behind the weapon, they will be damaged by the blackblast. Using this weapon requires you to have attention to make sure no teammates are around you or no walls are close behind you.
  • 60, 100 (default) and 150 meters are the values for zeroing options.

Weapon Balance Changes

PUBG Weapon Balance Changes

The current PUBG Season is coming to its conclusion. Hence, the developers made a decision on changing the balance of PUBG weapons, namely Tommy Gun, M24, UMP-45, and DBS. These guns will be much upgraded and more balanced for the players to use in the game. You may have known how weak the Tommy Gun has become, but now it has a sight slot for red dots and holos, with upping damage. You will not find it hard to find M249 as it is now a common loot instead of an item in Care Packages, but its damage will be decreased and it has a bit more recoil. UMP-45 was nerfed a little too hard followed by the change from 9mm. Below here are details about weapon balance changes in PUBG PC 6.3.

Tommy Gun

PUBG Tommy Gun is now way stronger and flexible. You can give it some attachments, such as Red Dots and Holos.

  • There is also an upper rail added to the gun so you can equip it with Red Dot and Holo Sights.
  • Developed the rate of shooting from 700 to 750.
  • Improved and developed shooting accuracy.
    • However, there was a reduction in the bullet deviation penalty when the player shoots for an extended duration.
  • Developed the moving accuracy.
  • Lessened the recoil when the player shoots for an extended duration.
    • This is due to the rate of shooting that was developed.


You used to try to find M249 in Care Packages. Now, you don’ t have to do that anymore because the weapon is now available on the PUBG Maps as a common loot. It can be equipped with some more attachments but you will find it harder to control the gun as well as you will not dish out much damage like you used to do.

  • Added the stock attachment slot to PUBG M249.
    • To make the weapon stability much better, just add a Tactical Stock to it.
  • Also added the magazine attachment slot to the gun.
    • The standard ammo capacity of the gun is now 75.
    • But with an extended magazine, the gun can store 150.
  • 40 is now the base bullet damage after being reduced from 45.
  • Developed the recoil for the gun.
  • M249 can be found on all PUBG Maps, not in the Care Packages anymore.
  • The gun is now a semi-rare spawn.


Now, you can upgrade your arsenal by choosing UMP-45 after this gun has been strengthened across the board.

  • 41 is now the base bullet damage after it has been grown from 39.
  • 670 is now the rate of shooting after it has been grown from 650.
  • 360 is now the muzzle velocity after it has been grown from 300.
    • The speed at which bullets leave the barrel has been increased as well, making it somewhat easier to go behind the moving targets.
  • Besides these weapon balance changes in PUBG PC update 6.3, there was an update for the M249 and Tommy Gun models and shooting sounds.


  • You will not find DBS shotgun in Care Packages anymore.
  • The gun can now be found and collected as rare ground loot on all PUBG maps.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • You will see that the visibility of nearby items on the ground has been upgraded. Their glowing effect is now much better. Also, they got a new pulse effect.
    • The new pulse effect can be toggled. You can disable it if you want. It will be shown as the “Item Flashing Effect” under Gameplay settings.
  • The Blue Zone wall now has an electric static sound that brings an audible queue to players when they are near the Blue Zone.
  • In the main menu lobby, you can now use a feature called “Push to Talk”.
  • InPUBG Team Deathmatch,
    • Your friends on Discord and Steam can learn when you are fragging in TDM due to Rich Presence that was added to the game.
    • No more invincibility for you when you join combat, like shooting a weapon, throwing a grenade, etc.
    • The hotkey for players to report will be now turned off for 1 second after death in order to prevent accidental activation.


  • Optimized some improvements that have been utilized for reducing the cases of FPS stuttering (hitching) on certain hardware configurations.
    • The effectiveness of this change will be carefully watched over by the development team and they will continue researching additional performance optimization.

Bug Fixes

Already made solutions to some problems as mentioned below:

  • There was no synchronization between the area of the team’ s character and the display of the spectator in some cases.
  • The map texture didn’ t have high quality.
  • The “Round 3” message kept popping up on the screen without starting in PUBG Team Deathmatch.
  • The name of Victory dance 12 emote was displayed wrongly.
  • Made a solution to the visual misalignment on the Blue Zone UI.
  • Solved the visual problem with the background of the vehicle durability UI.
  • Made a solution to the PLAYERUNKNOW’ S Trench Coat that clipped through the character.
  • Fixed a bug in which all glasses and mask items were not exhibited when equipping the Golden Dragon Traditional Cap.
  • Fixed a problem where the titles of all Keys were not exhibited accurately in store and inventory.
  • Addressed a problem when players were incapable of completing the mission “Reach top 10″ after earning a kill with QBZ/AKM” in some cases.
  • Addressed a problem with a 4x reticle that didn’ t appear accurately when using the DP-28.
  • Solved a problem when the strange Blue Zone sound was played in spectator mode.
  • Solved a problem when reloading interaction sounds were heard in a weird way in FPP and TPP views.
  • Solved a problem when players were incapable of turning on the invite friends option in custom matches.
  • Made a fixed to a problem when the players would be able to utilize freelook to get an advantageous view after meeting their end.
  • Made a fix to a problem when Sticky Bomb started to blink red prior to being thrown.
  • Made a fix to an issue about wrong crossbow animations in some cases.

Other different changes

  • Sticky Bombs are not available in Training Mode.
  • Sticky Bombs in PUBG PC now have an extra ringtone.
  • The DBS spawns in custom matches are subject to adjust.

PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown new updates

  • Now, players can get access to the third track of PUBG Survivor Pass missions. There will be an explosive theme for the new missions.
  • The season of both Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will finish on April 14 PDT.
    • The Survivor Pass lobby banner will have a countdown. This notifies the players about the pass end date. The countdown will begin from April 1st (KST) / March 31st (PDT).
    • A pop-up message will be visible to the players that purchased Premium Pass. They will also be notified of the time left until the end of the pass.
  • Feel free to purchase Premium Pass and Level-up items until the conclusion of the Pass period.

Skin & Items

PUBG Skin and Items in 6.3
  • Players can now get access to 4 new Badlands skin sets until April 15th.

Custom Match

  • Karakin map is now accessible in Custom Matches. Feel free to play on it!
  • Esports Mode preset received an update.
    • Players will now follow the 2020 Global Esports Rulesetrather than the previous 2019 preset.
    • Blue Zone settings are similar to the settings in 2019. However, the rates of the item spawn will be altered according to the ruleset of each map.
    • The U.P.E.R ruleset (Official Esports Ruleset) is used by this preset.
  • There is an inner Blue Zone option for the players now.
    • With this option, players can have new custom game experiences just like the Bluehole mode that has been already tested in LABS.
  • Already arranged the custom match presets, featuring some new ones.
    • ‘The First Weapon for Your Chicken Dinner’ preset is now featured in the game.
      • You will step into a match with a random weapon set and use it to fight for your victory. No weapons will be spawned in the world, although you can get some from the player death boxes.
    • PUBG Partners Motor Glider and Sticky Bomb are now available in Sandbox mode.
    • Known Issue: No Snowmobiles and Snowbikes are spawned on the PUBG Vikendi map.
      • In the forthcoming patch, there will be a fix to this issue.

Note: There is no way for you to play the replays from the previous updates because there has been an update made to the replay system.

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