PUBG PC: Adding Sanhok Map To Combat

PUBG PC: Adding Sanhok Map To Combat

There is no denying that PUBG is a hot survival battle royale game with a wide range of features and addicting gameplay. One of the biggest elements making the game more successful is that it features various maps with different terrains to play on, and PUBG Sanhok Map is now a hot-pick map considered by most of the gamers.

Sanhok was the most chosen map in PUBG PC last year, though it’s just a 4×4 map that requires players to have good strategies and melee tactics to fight one another. Sanhok is not the same as other PUBG PC maps, like Erangel and Miramar. Hence, if you want to conquer this competitive map, you should learn Sanhok Map tips as well as some facts about it.

PUBG PC: Adding Sanhok Map To Combat

PUBG PC Sanhok Map is now one of the official maps for players to battle on

PUBG Sanhok Map has been brought into combat by PUBG Development Team, and this is great news for all the gamers who love to play on Sanhok map. But first, you may want to learn some advice from the developers after they have analyzed some players’ feedback on the meta change and strategy. There are several problems that they are pondering in their mind, which are:

  • Is there any chance for the gamer to be rewarded for their nice skill level?
  • Does the RNG element of the map appear too much in the game?
  • How does the meta alter when Sanhok is officially introduced in the game?
  • Does the meta change based on the skill level of the player?
  • How long does it take players to get used to the new map?

The battles and tournaments in PUBG PC will be more expanded and diverse thanks to the new map – Sanhok. The Blue Zone settings for Sanhok are not the same as Erangel and Miramar, which makes the game last faster and creates more matches and more team fights. Normally, the matches on Sanhok map will take 23 minutes to complete, which is not as long as the average time length for combat on Erangel and Miramar. All the fights will kick off sooner and more teams will be eliminated in the beginning phases.

PUBG PC Sanhok Map

The difference between live settings and Esports settings is considered as another alteration on this map. Erangel and Miramar settings are not the same as the live settings. Nevertheless, the discrepancy in terms of Settings on Sanhok map is not much, and this means the usual players can do things done by experienced players in former battles.

There is no denying that PUBG Sanhok Map is an addictive map thanks to its exclusive textures that concentrate on melee and mid-range battles. There are no annoying things on Sanhok map, particularly sniping someone from a distance. People usually get angry and irritated when somebody snipes them from a distance. All the battles on Sanhok map will become fairer to all gamers thanks to the smaller size and more places with harsh terrains as well as more hiding areas.

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