PUBG Guide: Tips And Tricks To Use PUBG Shotguns Smartly

PUBG Guide: Tips And Tricks To Use PUBG Shotguns Smartly

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Do you know how to use the shotgun in PUBG game to your advantage yet? There are some useful PUBG Shotgun tips that you can explore and follow in this PUBG guide. As you know, PUBG guns are so diverse with many types to use. You may have already researched some PUBG Weapons guides before, and make sure you will not skip this one. Knowing how to use the shotgun wisely will increase a chance at winning for sure.

It’s so hard to pick one weapon from the PUBG Weapons list, but you can think about using the shotgun now. The shotgun is one of the best weapons in PUBG game dealing the strongest damage to enemies. You can see that shotguns appear everywhere in FPS games, not only in PUBG. The shotgun is able to release enough firepower to totally destroy any kind of armor. However, the downside of these shotguns is that you have to stay by the enemies’ side in a literal way so all the bullets can hit them. More than that, make sure that your shotgun is always able to fire two shots at enemies before they shoot you back.

How to use PUBG PC Shotguns wisely

There is a wide range of shotguns that can be picked from PUBG Shotguns list. Possibly speaking, the shotgun can be an outstanding type of weapon. But, it is only useful and should be used in the early stages of the game since PUBG PC offers more other different weapons to you, especially when you progress further into the game. Let’s find out all the tips and tricks to use all PUBG PC Shotguns smartly to get an edge over your enemies now!

Sawed Off

This is a special shotgun letting you carry a pistol and saw at the same time. The drawback of this one is that it has a lower ability than other shotguns (only 8 bullets for each shot), it is even weaker than other common bullets. More than that, the disperse of the bullets of this Sawed Off gun is more terrible than the common shotgun. It was made to dish out massive damage (you may have to stay right beside your enemy so you can shoot him). The best way to use this Sawed Off is to shoot two bullets as soon as possible then switch to a real gun to increase the damage.

PUBG Sawed Off


Because S12K is naturally semi-automatic rather than automatic, you are able to spam enemies at close range. When this weapon is armed with an extended magazine, it becomes much better than a flare gun. The best use of this type of weapon is to blow up enemies at close range. You are able to destroy your opponents before the S12K can run out of ammo.



This type of a shotgun is able to dish out a ton of massive damage with the ability to fire a big shot. However, its fire rate is lower than other Shotguns, which means you have to be very careful with your shots since you will not have a chance for your second shot.

PUBG S1897


This shotgun can store two bullets just like the Sawed Off. Its fire rate is faster than S12K and it has the same firepower as the S1897. The best way to use this shotgun is to rush in as fast as possible and shoot at enemies straightly. If you miss the two bullets, you must run and reload your gun since you may not be able to survive after failing to shoot your enemies.


That’s all for the PUBG Guide on using the shotguns in a smart way. Each shotgun has its own characteristics and advantages. If you know how to use those advantages, you will be able to get closer to the victory easily.

How to use PUBG Shotguns to get the best result is one of the biggest tips you should check out. Hopefully, this guide helps you a lot!

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