PUBG: Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale

PUBG: Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale

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PUBG released a special frying pan edition to help Australia after the bushfire

PUBG Corporation is raising funds through a limited-time sale of the Australia Fire Relief – Pan skin. It is a thin blue pastel layer covering a melee weapon that plenty of players love to use in combat.

The Australia Fire Relief – Pan skin features original art by community artist @swatercolour. You can spend $2.99 to buy the item. 100% of the profits from each sale will be sent to support Australia. Everything that the team expects is to aid that country through that difficult period.

What motivated the group behind PUBG to do that?

In my opinion, PUBG PC or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular game and they can make use of that popularity to give a hand to Australia.

PUBG: Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale
PUBG: Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale
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If you follow breaking news, you can see that the bushfire in that place is updated frequently. Along with the damage estimated, you will spot the image of poor panic animals and people with their families who are soaking in water to avoid heat. I know that really touches your heart.

According to the facts that PUBG gathers from the New South Wales Fire Agency, they declared the fires contained. But, 33 people and 1 billion animals were killed by the fires and more.

Fortunately, the fire is extinguished. However, the impact that it caused is huge. There is a remarkable amount of damage left in their wake.

When will the Australia Fire Relief – Pan be obtainable on PC and Console?

PUBG Australia Fire Relief – Pan is able to be obtained:

  • PC: 19th February – 18th March – $2.99
  • Console: TBA


  • The sale of the skin on Console has been put off because the PUBG Update 6.2 has been made late.
  • The new sales schedule will be informed in the next time via a separate announcement.
  • As mentioned above, the funds raised through a lump sum donation after the ending of the sale will be moved to a selected charity.
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PUBG Corporation’s official Twitter
PUBG Corporation’s official Twitter

They encourage everybody especially those who have ever played the game PUBG or PUBG Mobile to buy the pan. They also thank you for your contribution. It’s recommended to research the disaster relief efforts so you can donate directly to an organization that you trust! They said that they were thankful “to be in a position” that they could assist in somehow and they were grateful “to have fans like you willing to contribute to such a worthy cause”. Please pray for Australia to recover from that catastrophe!

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