PUBG Android Download

PUBG Android Download

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Companion App is designed for Android users who are the big fan of this Battle Royale game. The app isn’t associated with the official PUBG trademark. All the map tiles and the item images are the belongings of the owners. If you are playing PUBG game on your Android smartphone, you are recommended to download this app for awesome features.

The Companion app for this game is not finished yet, it is still in Beta. You can click here to update the app on Github.

Android Download

In-app features

The existing features:

  • Explore an interactive map in PUBG game.
  • You are able to turn on/off vehicle/boat spawn locations easily.
  • You can approximate time to sprint between two points now.
  • Added news feed to give you latest information.
  • Incomplete/forthcoming features:

Unfinished/Coming soon:

  • The detailed information about the items will be coming out soon.
  • You can compare items to each other.
  • Ability to search the leaderboard.

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