Process of making vehicles

Process of making vehicles


Just like the characters, vehicles in Playerunknown’s battlegrounds game are also very important to learn. You will surely have to use the vehicles in the game for your own sakes. Let’s find out the entire process of making the vehicle done by the developers!

Process of making vehicles

Before adding the vehicles to the game, a lot of considerations were given out by the developers to see if they would have any influence on the gameplay or not. The process of making vehicles is identical to the process of making characters, and it was done by the vehicle artists of course. The artists will receive the reference images first. After that, they will make a principal vehicle model, then send it to the art director to get a permission. After it has been accepted, the artist will begin to make a high-poly version of that vehicle.

The art direction is in charge of reviewing and evaluating the entire process at every single phase to make sure that the model is proper. When it’s completed, the last render of the model will be made prior to starting making the low-poly mesh.

Process of making vehicles

Three discrepant cabin designs were given to the UAZ, with the low-poly mesh. The model was split into distinctive sections.



The designers are ready to add the vehicle to the game. Now, let’s check out some types of vehicles below:



Jeep based on the UAZ-469:

Jeep based on the UAZ-469

Sedan based on the Dacia 1300:

Sedan based on the Dacia 1300

Truck based on the ZIL 313 (WIP):

Truck based on the ZIL 313 (WIP)

Speedboat based on the PG-117 Speedboat (WIP):

Speedboat based on the PG-117 Speedboat (WIP)

Also, you can learn some crucial elements specifying the feeling of driving a vehicle:

  • Vehicle body
  • Mechanical values or parameters
  • Physics impact.

During the initial stage of the making, the development team will decide to choose the outside and the body in accordance with the general conception of the vehicle, after that, the artist starts to operate on that vehicle.

A short-term vehicle model called a “Tofu car” will be used during the making process.

Tofu car

This model was used by the artist and it can help fix discrepant mechanical values in Unreal Engine. In addition, there will be more parameters that are going to be modified too.

After finishing the model, the artist will add it to the game, add more materials as well as other various necessary elements to the car. After that, the animation will be established to make the suspension and gear driving system more realistic.

After finishing all, the artist will add cameras, lights and FX sockets to the vehicle.

Lights and FX sockets

The process of building up the physics collision is extremely hard because it requires the balance between the server computing costs, realistic crash as well as the way it has an effect on the gameplay mechanics.

After modifying, the artist will undergo a long phase of continuous test driving parts to check out the effect of driving as well as the way it looks.

Maybe more problems will happen in the future, and they need a period of time to fix. Let’s just wait and see!

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