PC 1.0 Update #6

PC 1.0 Update #6

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PC 1.0 Update #6

In December 2017, the development team announced that they would introduce a maximum ping limit in order to upgrade the game environment in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game so all players could get a better experience. Unfortunately, PC 1.0 Update #6 was delayed since the team’s effort was concentrated on the anti-cheat update. However, everything is being done smoothly. So, we have an experimental method which will offer another greater patch than what we expected before.

Dissimilar to the way regarded earlier, they divide the matching pool based on ping. In other words, users who own the lower pings will be prioritized while matchmaking. They also want to make the overall playing better rather than restricting the connection depending on ping. The first preparations are being scheduled to check out that technique in a few regions, along with earliest trials worked out so as to launch this week. Specific dates will be shared when they are available.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Update

Additionally, they declared early this year that they would develop some major features and systems. Nevertheless, they were made late because they focused on tightening anti-cheat. Not only that, they cannot show you their development roadmap for 2018 due to other reasons. Although they attempt to share what they have been planning and working, they’d like to ask for the player’s knowledge. They have many exciting items consisting of another content which brings back more extensive Battle Royale experiences, improvements with modifications to generate a deeper and more realistic gameplay. They will disclose what you are waiting for from them in the initial half of 2018 including a map not existing before.

The present test server patch is mostly used to further optimize the gameplay and fix important bugs. Other optimizations and fixes are being perfected and they will appear soon. You can visit the forum to leave your feedback. Click here

After updates created to serve the test build are considered to be stable, they will partake in ready servers. Remember to keep track the timeline for the live server release!


  • Added the “friends only” preference option on the friend list so you can invite some people to play together with you during the next combat
  • It’s possible for you to receive all or choose “friends only” or block everybody via the drop-down menu.
  • Currently, you are allowed to summon your buddies directly from their career screen.
  • The invite button will not display if you are offline or unable to be invited.

Other Crates

  • Added two new crates: free and paid
  • The crate system has been modified.
  • The Fever can be collected separately from the weekly crates screen.
  • Now, you can open up a paid box with the Early Bird key that you can buy it in the Steam market.
  • The free crate, Militia, has a 40% drop rate.
  • The drop rates for previous items can be seen below.
  • Survivors: 10%
  • Wanderers: 10%
  • Bikers: 20%
  • Desperado: 20%
  • Militia: 40%

Here is the individual drop rate for each object that can be obtained through free/paid crates.

  • For FEVER
    • Zest Turtleneck (White): 15%
    • School Shoes (Beige): 15%
    • Mesh Polo Shirt: 10%
    • Combat Gloves (Khaki): 10%
    • Checkered Shirt (Coral): 10%
    • Hi-top Canvas Sneakers (Pink): 10%
    • Retro Polo Shirt: 5%
    • Combat Pants (Coral): 5%
    • Zest Sunglasses: 4.5%
    • Zest Loafers with Socks: 4.5%
    • Denim Bootcut Pants: 4.5%
    • Zest Bootcut Pants: 2.5%
    • Zest Silk Scarf: 1.3%
    • Floral Retro Jacket: 1.3%
    • Zest Retro Jacket: 0.6%
    • Zest Denim Jacket: 0.32%
    • Cropped Corset: 0.32%
    • Zest Checkered Skirt: 0.16%
    • Tank Top (Gray): 20%
    • Raglan T-shirt (Red/White): 20%
    • Polo Shirt (Pink): 20%
    • Vintage Polo Shirt: 20%
    • Military Shirt (Gray): 6.5%
    • Military Trousers (Black): 6.5%
    • Long-Sleeved Turtleneck (Black): 3%
    • Utility Belt (Brown): 1.4%
    • Camo Tank Top (Red): 1.4%
    • Military Boots (Black): 0.4%
    • Battle Belt: 0.28%
    • Vintage Gas Mask: 0.28%
    • Leather Bootcut Pants: 0.08%
    • Military Jacket (Black): 0.05%
    • Military Cap (Black): 0.05%
    • Cowboy Hat (Brown): 0.028%
    • Faux Leather Jacket: 0.0128%
    • Cowboy Hat (White): 0.0128%
    • Military Skirt (Black): 0.0064%


  • Fences in Miramar are changed into unbreakable ones so the player can survive longer.


  • When you are riding in an airplane, you cannot realize what it has. It is useful for the client and the server performance.
  • Other people will be detected when they eject from the plane.
  • If riding the aircraft, you can count the number of remaining passengers with the UI element at the bottom left.


  • When somebody is reported through the replay system, a 1-minute replay file on the point of your action will be sent.
  • You cannot do that through a replay file which has been generated longer than a week ago.
  • In addition to that, you can’t report the same person multiple times in the identical file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug in which you would die after falling or climbing
  • Fixed the problem after reconnecting to PUBG game, when you would encounter a glitched view after selecting ADS on the weapon
  • Fixed the trouble that you could not take damage after you got in a vehicle from a very prone spot and exit while that car was moving
  • Fixed the bug that after you entered a passenger seat from the vulnerable position and utilizing heal or boost items, you were visible using objects in that area instead of sitting down


  • Some changes are finished to stop the reduced heal/boost time cheat.

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