PC 1.0 Update #5

PC 1.0 Update #5

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PC 1.0 Update #5

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a popular Battle Royale survival game which received several positive reviews from critics during its early access period and on the final release. However, many players complained about problems cause discomfort and inhibition. They died unreasonably without knowing the real culprit. According to comments, the developer determined to offer effective updates which are really useful to stop that happening again.

PC 1.0 Update #5

PC 1.0 Update #5 is launched to solve troubles that you faced in the past and remove them to create a fair play game environment for all. That is the reason why the patch is released. Indeed, it is important to the test servers and regarded as a part of preventive measures against cheat programs. Note that changes will be available to the live servers after they are evaluated to be stable. The live server update is expected to occur on Feb 7 6 PM PST / Feb 8 3 AM CET / Feb 8 11 AM KST while the maintenance will be scheduled to last for 3 hours.


  • As mentioned above, the new anti-cheat has been supplemented.

Besides, there are also a few improvements.

Red Zone Sound

  • Fixed the problem in which the sound caused by explosions could be too loud when they detonate at once time.
  • Balanced the number of concurrent exploding sounds so the game performance will be optimized
  • Fixed the bug where the explosion’s sound would not take place following the falling sound of a bomb

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