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PUBG Cross-Play Between PS4 And Xbox One

Enjoy PUBG Cross-Play between PS4 and Xbox One! Developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are adding Cross-Play between PS4 and Xbox One devices. Therefore, PS4 and Xbox One users will be able to join together soon. In fact, PUBG development ...
PUBG Guide PUBG Shotguns Smartly
PUBG Weapons

Do you know how to use the shotgun in PUBG game to your advantage yet? There are some useful PUBG Shotgun tips that you can explore and follow in this PUBG guide. As you know, PUBG guns are ...
PUBG PC 4.2 Patch Notes Update
PUBG Update

The latest PUBG PC 4.2 update is finally available on the server with many outstanding changes and new improvements in terms of gameplay. The fan of PUBG games should quickly have a look at this PUBG PC update ...
PUBG PC Update 4.2
PUBG News PUBG Update

PUBG Season 4 continues with the update 4.2! This latest PUBG PC Update brings dynamic weather conditions to Erangel island after it has been destroyed by battle. However, with a dangerous storm on the horizon, the battlegrounds will ...
Tips And Tricks For Not Being Detected In PUBG PC Game
PUBG Guide

Here comes another PUBG Survival Guide on how to avoid getting detected in PUBG PC game! You may always want to know how to win PUBG PC over all of your enemies, and that’s a goal for everyone. ...