One Time Setup, Game Modes, Controls, and Clothes

One Time Setup, Game Modes, Controls, and Clothes

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One Time Setup

PUBG Beginner Guide: One Time Setup, Game Modes, Controls, and Clothes

Set Foliage to low

In the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, you will end up having less grass nearby. It will not grow at long distances. Therefore, you should not expect to render or hide if you are staying far away. In case you are in a small and restricted zone, the grass will provide to you a hiding place. From that, you can feel comfortable while lying flat and disappear.

Use Discord or TeamSpeak to team chat

During the combat, communication is regarded as an important method to teamwork. Thus, you need to purchase a good quality headset. If you do not have it, you can get deadly trouble. If you don’t, please note that the challenge is not easy to conquer because you have not enough money to shell out $20.

Use headphones

Aside from that, the headphones are necessary for the player to collect the sounds of a mouse fart and be aware of the direction as well as the distance.

Utility Belt

If you wear it, it will give you +50 capacity.


You are recommended to establish or modify the hotkeys for the own medical equipment. And then, you do not have to open up the inventory to choose the item in the old way.

Boost your FPS

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game has non-network lag infrequently. Indeed, it rarely happens while you are facing up to the enemy.

Game Modes

In the game, you can play solo or couple with a friend. It’s easier for you to experience alone since you will not use any coordinated team strategy.

“Squad” is a complicated double duo. If the group gets a 25{cc1fd4bb131456ebba05870cee5e5d11cf15b5d0f9495d7134f87cbe575ca175} loss of the efficiency for the rest if one is destroyed.


PUBG Beginner Guide: One Time Setup, Game Modes, Controls, and Clothes

Modifying Sights

It is not essential because most of the engagements will be at 100m or less. If you’d like to complete it anyway, you can target and press Page Up or Page Down key on the keyboard. After that, the elevation number will be shown in your sights when you aim down in the first people. You can change the aim accounting for the bullet drop. It’s simpler.

Further Lean

Head to a corner in the playing field and point down in the third person. Hold the lean button and see more the corner without being exposed.

Picking up stuff

  • Fill the inventory and you can visit
  • Hit the right click to gather the item swiftly.
  • Drag and drop from the floor to the store quickly.

Gun Attachments

Right click a gun attachment from the list and instantly put it on the weapon. It will allow you to remove in the same way.

Crouch Jumping

Jump and crouch at a time to pass through certain objects such as the wall or the window.

Swivel your head

While sprinting, press down Alt to observe around with no altering the direction or reducing the speed.

Cycle Grenade

Tap 5 to cycle through the grenade without opening the stock to switch these small bombs.


PUBG Beginner Guide: One Time Setup, Game Modes, Controls, and Clothes

They support you to mix together with the surroundings. Grey outfits are very well to blend into rocks. Dark ones are effective for the shadows. You can put on the second. Ballistic masks and gas masks will not assist much.

Ghillie Suit

If you are facing downward, you are basically invisible. Pro-streamers can take off the secondary weapon to avoid being detected.

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