Map – The Island

Map – The Island

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As you know, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game set on a massive 8×8 lm island. So, the map is very critical for the player, especially for the beginner.

Map – The Island

The Map

PUBG Beginner Guide: Map - The Island

You can check out the island map in the cool PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game and explore the odds without difficulty. If you are completely new, you should attempt to head to every location several times. From that action, you are able to see a grid appearing on the map. Each small square is 100 m. Meanwhile, the big one is 1,000 m or 1 km or 1 click.

Note that all of the vehicles will spawn mostly next to roads or the garages in town. Boats will be anchored in the Southern coastline, not the North.

Aside from that, remember that more buildings in one area will provide to you more loot. Try to loot attracts people! However, these persons are not friendly. From that, those constructions are not safe. Or briefly: More buildings means more loot and more danger.

Spawn Island

After a long trip, you can come back here and take something quickly.

Northern Area

Zharki – It is a quiet and peaceful place located at the edge of the map. You will set sail or drive the vehicle or risk being zoned out.

Georgopol – It is warm. There is a large number of great loot after you raid 2 or 3 high rise apartments.

South Georgopol – It is very high risk.

Severny – it is very noiseless.

Gun Range – From the current spot, you will get a gun for sure.

Stalber – No one has ever gone there.

Yasnaya – It’s is dangerous. It is also a good place.

Middle Area

Water town (as known as Venice or New Orleans or Atlantis) – It’s quiet and gives the good gear.

Ruins – It has the fine gear.

Gatka – It’s so quiet.

Rozhok – Intentionally kill oneself

Apartments – Near suicide

Pochinki – Near suicide.

Villas – It is an acceptable starter.

Bunkers – It’s a quite annoying maze. You can get lost easily.

Crater – It’s decent. It’s simple to move around the side and get outflanked by somebody on the upper cliffs.

Woodcutter camp – It has terrible drops. You can find no one here.

Mylta Power – It’s decent and pretty hazardous.

Lipovka – It’s far.

Primorsk – You can get a boat.

Pier Town (or the Fish Town) – It’s good.

South Area

Any of the Bridges – You can call them “suicide bridge left” and “suicide bridge right” since you will have the opportunity to switch on or off. You’d better avoid. Use boats instead of crossing them. You can watch the video below.

Military Base – Near suicide

Novorepnoye – There are plenty of high-quality loot and ships.

Nov Radio – Decent private property

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