It’s Possible To Connect To PUBG Cross-Play Between PS4 And Xbox One!

It’s Possible To Connect To PUBG Cross-Play Between PS4 And Xbox One!

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Enjoy PUBG Cross-Play between PS4 and Xbox One!

Developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are adding Cross-Play between PS4 and Xbox One devices. Therefore, PS4 and Xbox One users will be able to join together soon.

PUBG Cross-Play between PS4 and Xbox One!

In fact, PUBG development team of PUBG Corp had some great PUBG news to share within Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom episode of Inside Xbox. After the trailer for the game’s forthcoming PUBG PC Season 4 update, which is planned to roll out in the next time on Xbox One once its release on PC last month, the studio also exposed that everybody was working hard on carrying out a highly requested feature, which was revolved around Cross-Play on Console. Actually, PUBG Cross-play For Xbox One and PS4 is coming!

If you often catch up with the latest information from PUBG Corp, you will recognize that cross-platform play will be activated on the game’s public test server in late September, going with a live rollout expected to move after in early October. When the feature is deployed, survivors on PUBG Xbox One can hop into their favorite match in the well-liked Battle Royale styled game with those on PS4 immediately without difficulty.

“Our first goal with cross platform play was for 100 players from both console communities to be able to play in the same match,” PUBG Corp. community manager Cecillia Lee wrote in an Xbox Wire post

“Our second goal was to improve our matchmaking times, which we expect to be shorter for due to the wider matchmaking pool.”

It is an important succeeding step which is helpful for players including ones on PC. It is regarded as a further sign that Sony is loosening the old stance against the practice. For a long time, the company was criticized because it did not allow cross-play to happen between PS4 and other platforms. Fortunately, since Fortnite has become famous in the market, it has started to create the convenience of games, for example, Rocket League and the Monster Hunter-like Dauntless, so as to assist cross-platform play.

For PUBG PC Season 4, it has appeared on Xbox One. The new season will offer a visual tweak of the game’s initial map, Erangel, together with a series of adjustments for gameplay and balance, or a Survivor Pass, which introduces over 100 rewards to unlock when you fulfill quests and upgrade the pass. To see more details about the season, you can visit the official PUBG website.

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