Is Sanhok Of PUBG Suitable For Squad Matches?

Is Sanhok Of PUBG Suitable For Squad Matches?

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Sanhok – an interactive map in PUBG is getting contrasting opinions

Although Sanhok has already appeared in the official combat map system of PUBG PC game from phase 3, many players say that it is not suitable.

Some facts behind Sanhok in PUBG

It is the third map added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game with a modest size: 4×4. Therefore, Sanhok is always considered a place creating the most intense encounters. Bringing that small playfield to the competition PUBG Corp hopes that players will have the chance to join stronger matches. Besides, they also expect that the speed of the combat will be boosted up more. Unfortunately, they receive lots of negative feedback.

Some Facts Behind Sanhok in PUBG

Which is the main reason that makes people in PUBG Sanhok uncomfortable?

The size of Sanhok in PUBG steam is the primary cause. It is why skirmishes occur sooner than Erangel and Miramar. So, it’s hard for selected teams to carry out tactics. Many survivors will be eliminated right at the beginning stage. Thus, they suggest that Sanhok will fit Solo and Duo rooms instead of Squads.

Which is The Main Reason That Makes People in PUBG Sanhok Uncomfortable?

A few remarkable impediments in PUBG Sanhok

Actually, there have been a couple of professional matches in PUBG online going on in Sanhok. And, everything is not very good. Aside from being forced to fight too soon, vehicles contribute to increasing the difficulty level. Indeed, they are mostly useless because battles often happen in the close range. Hence, their sound will reveal your spot and you cannot reach the goal area easily. Furthermore, you can be killed if you do not escape from regions containing cliffs or numerous obstacles.

A Few Remarkable Impediments in PUBG Sanhok

A match shows that Sanhok is not appropriate for squads. The whole of 10 characters was destroyed at the cliff while the other faction turned into the winner after they hid in the storehouse for 15 minutes.

How about the thoughts of experts reserved for Sanhok in PUBG?

How About The Thoughts of Experts Reserved For Sanhok in PUBG?

According to Ibiza, a professional gamer of Team Liquid, Sanhok of PUBG Lite or the original may be more matching 10 teams per game or the format of the league must be reset. Although a lot of viewers stated that Sanhok was more interesting than Erangel or Miramar, skilled joiners and experts did not think so. But, with a long time to determine to drop Sanhok into pro-competition, developers may have more proper adjustments in the near future.

PUBG Sanhok is a map, a battlefield that is worth to experience. While it is very difficult for some people, the rest still continues to accept and support. How about you? Please leave a comment right below!

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