How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG

How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG

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 Being an expert driver in PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not difficult if you follow the update below. Remember that handling your means in-game will allow you to seize 50% of the winning chance for sure! It’s time to dig deeper into the instruction!

How to ride or drive in PUBG the game

To run the following PUBG guide smoothly, you should pay attention to the position and the size of the map. They are two elements that you are recommended to concern about.

How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG

It is really important for players joining PUBG Mobile, too. It’s useful for them to manage their situations, roam and get an edge over their rivals. Alongside these, you will be advised to accelerate and move properly. Are you ready to keep reading all the details?

List of vehicles in PUBG and their features

  1. Buggy
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 2

Not only in PUBG Mobile, Buggy is also considered the favorite car in PUBG PC. Its speed is pretty decent. Further, it is straightforward to operate. Many people prefer Buggy. Therefore, Buggy users can explore any terrain even hills. But, Buggy cannot protect your body from explosions or shots.

  1. UAZ
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 3

It is a basic car in PUBG Erangel Map. Your UAZs do not give in to any opponent. It has 4 seats and can’t travel fast. However, it has the highest resistance amount. Its dangerous point is that it can flip whenever.

  1. Motorcycle
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 4

With the appearance of Buggy and UAZ, it is one of the fastest PUBG vehicles. It can carry at least 3 persons at once. Especially, it is very convenient in Squad Mode. Note! It is not as strong as you think.

  1. Scooter
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 5

It is regarded as a special version of the motorcycle above, just found on PUBG Sanhok map. Although it looks luxury, you do not choose it if you want to conquer Top 1.

  1. Tukshai
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 6

It is an explosive PUBG vehicle of Sanhok. It seems to be the remake of Scooter. Like the original, its movement is extremely slow. You can skip it when you fall into serious circumstances and quickly search for something else stronger.

  1. Dacia
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 7

It’s not hard to climb up to a higher rank if you apply PUBG tips and tricks, particularly for what you receive in the existing post. So, we will continue with Dacia. It may be the best choice in PUBG Mobile. It is only seen in Erangel. It is capable of moving at high speed. Its small size will allow you to escape from deadly cases.

  1. Mirado
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 8

Mirando is the mix of motorcycle and Dacia in PUBG vehicles list. But, you can get troubles while you are moving to the place you expect. 

  1. Minibus
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 9

Look at a minibus you can imagine that it will not move in PUBG online as quickly as you wish. Nevertheless, it can be selected to cover your survivor for a while.

  1. Pickup
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 10

It’s quite reasonable to wander throughout PUBG maps with a Pickup! It is as known as Rony in Snahok. Pickup will be able to meet the players’ essential needs.

How to utilize PUBG vehicles like Vin Diesel in Fast&Furious

How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 11

It is a crucial part of the current PUBG vehicles guide. It is helpful for you to be a leader easier.

  • When you approach a car or a motorbike, you can sit in the middle or at the front seat.
  • If you are the one that will control it, the display screen will be switched. Whilst you are driving and it is burnt, you must leave it swiftly or you will be exploded.
  • If you seek somebody roaming on their car, attempt to shoot at the tires. Your speed will be reduced and you can eliminate both of them in a wink. A headshot will work effectively.
How To Become A Super Driver In PUBG 12

Keep in mind that how to become a PUBG super driver guide will not bring back any result if you have not yet loot any car or motorcycle. Additionally, you’d better look for the most beneficial strategies of your own and launch them promptly. Moreover, always dodge bullets or headshots! To make it easy, you do not forget to delve deeper into the collection of news and guides on our site. Have fun!

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