Gunplay Mechanics

Gunplay Mechanics


If you are a loyal player of PUBG game, you need to explore some crucial changes in terms of gunplay mechanics system in the closed beta test. These new changes were made to ensure that the gunplay system will be much more effective, giving a better gaming experience to the players.


The recoil system was similar to the pre-defined sample, and it only altered in terms of size for various weapons. The sample wouldn’t reset right after you have halted shooting. This is the reason explaining why you shot in one shot mode, you found it very strange and uncommon weapon action after stopping.

The new system depends on a lot of differences that will specify the recoil features of a weapon, like a recoil speed, shot recovery speeds, size of recovery, horizontal kick tendency, vertical and horizontal kicks and so on. The designers are able to make a detailed action for every single weapon by utilizing those settings.

The picture below here will show you the way that AK recoils works in the third person and ADS modes:

PUBG Gunplay Mechanics

In addition, the way the accessories have an influence on a weapon was altered as well. Rather than reducing the spread, now, the accessory directs various gun handling parameters. Thanks to the new system, the compensator reduces vertical recoil, while the horizontal recoil was altered by the front grips, and an amount of ADS/Scope sway, as well as the size of kick animation, was lessened by the cheek pad.

See the image below to understand more the shotgun spread without or with the choke accessory:

PUBG Download

When you utilize a vanilla M416 with the one that is armed with a compensator and composite stick, you can check out its change now:

PUBG Recoil


This is a kind of system that is utilized in hip fire and in third person aiming modes for imitating the imprecision by attaching a spread at random in the reticle bounds.

You can check out how the deviation works at the short range on the M416 in the fire modes:

PUBG Deviation

The deviation multiplier parameter was influenced by the accessories and buffs, and that’s the main reason for the weapons with a lot of accessories to become extremely strong.

Weapon Class Balance

The design team tried their best to cause all types of weapons to be visible in the effective range. You can see that the SMGs were lower to ARs in all cases in the previous Alpha test, the players had to swap their SMG to an AR. So now, the SMG was created to be a weapon that is able to move easily, which will gives the players faster movement speed, average recoil and a smaller amount of maximum deviation.

The balance of the breakdown of SMGs got altered to make sure it could be close to the pistols instead of ARs. An oppressed AR breakdown is roughly 300-350m, while an oppressed SMG is roughly 100. Due to the lower bullet velocity and quicker damage drop-off, SMGs are still a weak weapon at a long range when it’s compared to ARs.

Taking everything into account, the recoil and deviation system were already added to the game, however they are still in the beginning stages. The new system has a specified changeable set for every single weapon, more adjustments should be done depending on the inside tests and feedback of the players.

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