Early Access – September Update

Early Access – September Update


The September Update of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game has been pushed out to the Test Servers by the development team, and you can check it out by downloading it on Tuesday evening KST (Tuesday morning CEST, Tuesday early morning PDT). In this update, you can explore so many brand new features, enhancements as well as a lot of bug fixes.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds September Update

Crucial topics you need to know

Vaulting – Ongoing update

Some players have been anticipating trying this one. In the interview of Action and Gunplay Lead Pawel Smolewski, he already has talked about vaulting, but releasing this feature is not an easy task. The vaulting system is not established on defined objects or places in the map in advance. There are up to tens of thousands of objects which are climbable or vaultable in Erangel. For carrying out an operation, the developers must discover and examine the geometry and properties of every object.  With a complex algorithm and careful testing required, if the developers decide to test it within a few days prior to deploying it to the Live servers, they won’t have enough time to detect all errors as well as secondary effects. Hence, the entire development team will examine it for a longer time in early November.

Inactive players gaining BPs

Some rules have been carried out to make sure that the inactive players won’t be able to gain BPs. This current system will be observed by the developers and enhanced in the future.

Attaching FPP servers to the game

The developers have attached first-person only servers for DUO on OCE servers. To the Squad and Solo, they will keep observing player data in the area and decide when a new game mode can be added.

When finishing researching on data and attaching FPP to OCE servers, the developers detected that a number of FPP players in South America and Southeast Asia have been greatly grown.  They will keep observing the data more as well as give out a new update right after the final results have been announced.

The development team is working on the game so hard, and they are tracking with the existing roadmap and will attempt to get out of the Early Access right before the conclusion of Q4 2017. More details and information about the main release later will be shared and given out by the developers.

Below here is the schedule for the test servers which can be up for at least 2 days.

Test servers:

  • KST: Tuesday evening
  • CEST: Tuesday morning
  • PDT: Tuesday early morning

Live server update:

  • Later this week – TBD

Patch notes

Client Optimization

  • The shadows were strongly optimized.
  • Optimizing the buildings did help enhance the performance on low-end PCs.
  • The client and server performance was greatly optimized when there are plenty of vehicles in close surroundings.
  • UI got optimized too.


Foggy weather was added to the game. The sight of the player on the map will be obstructed by its effect. This weather effect won’t have a high chance to happen. For testing the weather effect, the foggy weather is highly possible to happen throughout the test server gameplay, but it will be decreased for the Live servers.

The graphics of the sky got upgraded in the pre-current weather effects.

A brand new town called East of Stalber was added to the game.


Included a brand new option to switch the Crosshair color

Included new Double Tap feature in the control options for the players to easily lean (Q and E are the default keys to do this).

The game now has a new selection to enhance the visual effect of moving from a free look back to the sight of the character.

There are new key binds now when you use Consumables.

The names of teammates now will be representative of their current posture, like IE Crouching, Prone,…

With a brand new key bind added, you can even mark your current location on the map. (Key Insert is the default key)

Now the middle of the map around the current location of the character has a brand new key bind. (Spacebar is the default key).

A brand new key bind was added to the game for the players to use the Consumables in order of Med Kit, First Aid Kit, and Bandage (“-“ is the default key)

Already included a new feature to put pack the zeroing distance by utilizing the Mouse wheel click.

The position of the Report window was modified.

In settings, there is a new feature called “Inventory screen character render” that was attached to the game. It will be used to turn off character rendering in the inventory screen for enhancing the performance.

New Item

The Mini-14 is a brand new weapon added to the game. It’s kind of light and compact .56 semi-automatic marksman rifle. This weapon utilizes sniper rifle accessories for the muzzle and magazine slots. It doesn’t have higher damage states than other DMR’s.


For the players who got stunned while still under the water will be equipped with a breath gauge now, also, they will absorb extra damage through over time.

The balance of some weapons got modified:

  • The crossbow reload speed got developed by 35%.
  • Got rid of Tommy gun from Care Packages, and it turned into a world spawn. It will assist other accessories like Vertical Foregrip, Silencer, and Magazines.
  • Horizontal recoil scale has been secured for a nice consistency and regularity for the weapons that have high horizontal recoils.

The grenades can be holstered now by just changing to another weapon or weaponless state unless those grenades were cooked.

The shooting mode of weapons doesn’t get any changes, and it will keep being stable with the chosen shooting mode.

The collision damage of Motorcycles was modified.


Updated the recoil animations for the weapons.

The animations and balance of throwables were modified:

  • The fuse time of the Flash Grenade was reduced to 2.5 seconds.
  • Developed the killing and injury scopes of the Frag Grenade.
  • Already enhanced the animation for releasing grenades to accept the developed speeds and proper trajectories, however, the visual trajectory distance of throwables was reduced.
  • Now players have to use their hands to cook the grenades (Press key R to do so)
  • The throwing mode is toggled between overhead and roll now. (Click right mouse to do so)
  • The trajectory of throwables is influenced by the movement speed of a character.

The leaning animation was enhanced. If you lean on the left side, a part of your body will be revealed.

If you sprint now, your regeneration of breath gauge won’t be hindered, but sprinting will halt the leaning state automatically.

Probably you will alter your posture while trying to reload the weapon without calling off the reload.


The new sounds were added when you use the Consumables.

The audible scopes of reloading and window breaking were modified.

The collisions between vehicles and characters have a new sound now.

The animation of getting rid of grenade safety pin has a new sound now.

Bug Fixes

The players will be reset to the ground instantly if they fall under the map.

Solved an error in which FOV slider value would be set wrongly inside of the vehicles in FPP mode.

An error which leads to the clients freezing when the controls in the options were changed was fixed.

The descriptions of the certain weapon accessories were fixed and corrected.

The animation bugs of other characters were solved right after connecting to the game again.

Errors relating to the Spectator mode were fixed.

An error of the breath gauge that turns up at zero when the game starts was fixed.

If a player loots an item by using the right mouse while reloading, the reloading will be called off now.

There was an error when the honking sound kept being persistent when the map was open or other actions were being carried out while honking, and this error was fixed already.

You won’t establish various features on one key bind in the Options anymore.

A graphic error of the Magazine position on a weapon in the inventory screen when changing to another weapon was fixed.


The BP methodology was revived in order to stop BP farming and inactive users from obtaining BP.

Now all regions with FPP have the FPP leaderboard.

NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights™ operates on Window 7 and Window very well now, but if Windows Aero is put out of the action, it won’t operate.

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