Early Access Month 3 Update

Early Access Month 3 Update


Early Access Month 3 Update

The third monthly update of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is finally out, providing more changes to explore. If you are playing PUBG game, you should keep track of the weekly and monthly updates to learn more info and find out what was changed in the game.

 General changes made by development team

The developers have enhanced the server performance over the past weekly patches, and they will continue improving it as well as the client performance in the forthcoming time.

In addition to the server improvement, the developers also attempt to handle the players that are cheating in the game. Over 25,000 users in the last three months have been banned. The BattlEye will be also supported in PUBG game to give more protections and detect any players that try to cheat.

The gameplay is being monitored and observed by the developers too. There will be a lot of reports on how you play the game, and they will be done by the data science team. The size and speed of the playable area, along with loot balance, as well as gunplay properties will be much more enhanced in the future to make sure that all players will have a better gaming experience.

Just to remind you, the loot balance was modified in this month already.

Right after the data science team has begun their analysis, the development team starts to modify the in-game loot balance, which is seen as the initial real pass. More of the pass will be given out throughout the Early Access.

The number of items spawned is not stable because of a bug. This kind of error happened throughout the period of adjusting the spawn table internal structure for growing the custom games. Once checking out and testing the problem, the developers figured out there was the same problem through all spawn tables.

In addition, the item looting experience for items will be upgraded. More enhancements and modifications will be released on a frequent basis depending on a lot of different analyzed data and feedback from the players.

The patch will be installed to the Test Servers with a specific schedule which is on Wednesday, June 28. It will be even deployed to the Live Servers on Thursday if things stay stable.

Patch Notes

Known problems

If you press key Alt (freelook) when you’re close the walls, this will allow the weapons to be seen through the walls.

The scope crosshair doesn’t appear clearly if the post-processing standard is too high.

The issue is when changing the camera between the first person and third person periodically throughout spectator mode.

Server Performance

By decreasing the data that was sent from the server to the client helped enhance the network performance.

By stopping a lot of data sent from the server to the client at the same time, the network lag was decreased.

Client Performance

By optimizing the characters that are around, the problem of frame drop was fixed.

By optimizing vehicles, the problem of frame drop was solved too.

The beginning airplane and care package airplanes were all optimized.

There were several enhancements for the weapon animations.

A lot of effects in the game were optimized, which even includes the effect of red zone bombing.

A lot of UI features were enhanced too.

The features that release to rainy weather were improved.

Brand new items

The game now has Groza which is known as an AR chambered for 7.62mm ammo. You can only achieve it in Care Packages.

The game also consists of P18C now. This is a pistol chambered for 9mm ammo, and it has a complete auto shooting mode.


The burst mode is not supported by Vector and UMP.

While you are moving around, just feel free to gather items. You won’t be obliged to stop by the interaction animation anymore. However, the walking speed is reduced a bit.

While you are reloading, you can totally interact with items, vehicles, and doors. The interactions can make you call off the reloads.

Now the screen will be desaturated gently depending on the rest amount of health you are having throughout the revive state.

Throughout the revive state, you can’t see the blood effect anymore.

The kill count system in Duo and Squad teams was modified. The player who already stuns an enemy first when his ally finally destroys that rival will be able to use this kill count. Also, the kill count applies to the one that gets rid of the enemy if the enemy was stunned by another one that comes from an enemy team.

The key F (interaction) was modified in order to focus on the revive action in some situations.

It’s very fast to take out pistols now.

You won’t be able to change the fire mode while reloading anymore.

The play zone was modified to generate more evenly in a circle, hence, the play zone won’t turn up in the middle regularly.

The default quantity was modified, and now you can choose 1 when you use key Ctrl in your inventory to release or collect items.

The motorcycle and motorcycle with a sidecar were modified. Their movements become smooth now.

You won’t be able to change to/from prone while you are collecting items.

You can add the red dot sight to pistols now, excluding for the revolver.

The recoil on UMP was developed.


There are two brand new weather settings added to the game, including sunset and clear skies.

The destructible cabins were added to the game too.

There is a new animation in the game now for when a player is absorbing fall damage at a fast speed.

Items & Vehicles

The vehicles were already altered to face off random directions when spawn.

The loot balance was modified for several items.

You won’t be able to find VSS in Care Packages anymore. But it will still be spawn in the map.

You can achieve AR Silencers, SR Silencers, and 4x Scopes in Care Packages at a low chance.

Reduced the spawn rate of UMP a bit, but the spawn rate of UIZ was developed.

The level 1 helmet had a higher rate of spawning than the level 1 Vest. But the spawn rate of them was already modified, making sure that these items will have the same spawning rate.

The spawn rate of the items in the areas and buildings was greatly upgraded.

Some names of the weapon accessories were altered.

The spawn time of vehicles and speedboats was modified. Now, you can catch sight of them from afar.

The beginning airplanes got upgraded.

The cargo door will open when the players are expelled from the plane.

The lightning of the plane was optimized.


The direction of teammate icons was changed to the teammate faces’ direction.

The teammate list was attached to the world map.

The recoil animation of the character got upgraded.

The death marks of teammates were got rid of right after a time period or a distance that is far away from the death location.

There are three languages added to the game, such as Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

Bug Fixes

A problem when the voice chat volume exploded instantly right after you have got on a plane was fixed.

A problem when you weren’t staying in the middle of the screen while you are using a parachute was fixed.

The users now are stopped from getting rid of the outside walls of buildings by removing some files.

Repaired an error making a character get trapped in terrain.

Solved a bug making a character get misplaced when he has just got in a vehicle.

Solved a bug making the effects look similar right under and above of the water.

Solved a bug making a character have an interaction motion to collect item when his inventory has no empty room left.

A client cash happening when the barriers were demolished was fixed.

A problem of unseen barriers after destruction was fixed.

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