Closed Beta Update 2

Closed Beta Update 2


Closed Beta Update 2

The closed beta update 2 of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game is finally here. This update mainly focuses on the big and important changes that have been made already by the entire development team. Hopefully, the new changes will much improve the gaming performance! Before getting straight into the point of this update, you guys should remember to check out the schedule for the servers opening. More specifically, all servers will be open and available at 8 AM PST/ 4 PM UTC on Friday, and they all will be closed at 8 AM PST/ 4 AM UTC on the following Monday.

Changes and Fixes

Familiar issues

When you join the game or when you combat to the lobby, probably the client will freeze or lock. To fix this, you need to restart the game.

When you observe your allies, the observing camera is repaired in third person view. This feature will be upgraded more in the forthcoming months.

Probably you can’t loot stuff.

Sometimes, your character gets stuck in some areas.



You can have an access to solo and duos modes all weekend

Driving through wooden and spiky wire barriers is much easier now.

Attached key X in key bindings

“Fullscreen Windowed” is what you will see on the default screen setting.

Use key F to cut and stop using the parachute when it gets trapped in some objects.

Performance & Stability

Already upgraded the server performance with a lot of crash problems solved.

The video and system memory used by the game client have been reduced.

Already solve the client crash problem taking place when you attempt to leave the game.


Already attached stats and leaderboards to the game. Right after the closed beta is over, the outcomes will be reset.

Bug fixes

Gameplay & UI/UX

An error that stopped the players from looting items in several cases has been fixed.

An error that made glare too brilliant for several scopes has been fixed.

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