Check Your Ranks For PUBG PC and Mobile On Website With Simple Steps

Check Your Ranks For PUBG PC and Mobile On Website With Simple Steps

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If you want to know about your kill dead stats as well as the total number of battles you have joined, you can start checking your PUBG ranks for PC and Mobile on a website to get a good grasp of it. By checking ranks, you will also get access to more information in relation to your rank in the game. With some steps mentioned below, you will know how to check your PUBG Mobile ranks and PUBG PC ranks on a website easily.

There is a wide array of websites that allow the players to check their histories with the PUBG game and their ranks. You can pay a visit to those websites for keeping track of your match progressions as well as learn more about the matches you have played.

Simple steps to check your ranks for PUBG PC and Mobile on website

Step 1: Go to this website link to check your PUBG rank.

Step 2: To check a rank, you must type the name of a character. Type his/her name in the searching bar and click the magnifying glass icon.

PUBG Rank Info

You will be taken to a page where you can see a lot of crucial information about that character, such as rank for Solo, Duo, and Squad, winning rate, kill/dead indicators, as well as the highest rank that the character has ever reached.

PUBG Rank History Lastest
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Besides, the history of the recently-played matches with crucial information will also appear, including the total number of kills, the amount of damage given out as well as the highest rank in each PUBG match.

PUBG Rank History

A short video with 2-3 minutes in length is enough to describe the entire course of a match.

PUBG Rank Replay

Now, you have learnedhow to check the rank and history matches you have joined in PUBG game for both PC and Mobile on the website. Make sure you frequently visit the website to check it so you can know more details about the ranks you have earned through each season.

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