As you know, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game is one of the most famous PC games in terms of shooting, survival, battling, multiplayer, open world, FPS, team-based and so on. The game is drawing the attention of so many players from around the world, and it has millions of copies that have been sold already. This is a survival game in which all players have to find weapons, equipment, and other items on a strange island, then use them wisely to fight off the rivals to increase a chance of being the last man standing.

PUBG game contains so many features for the players to explore, from gameplay mechanics, maps, weapons, equipment, vehicles, and characters. Among of them, characters can be the crucial element that you must research on. With many different elements of the player model that you can choose to customize, such as skin tones, hair styles, etc, you will be able to create one following your own style.

At the movement, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game is consisting of some character customization options for you to select, however, seemingly, the developers want to add more of them to the game. There will be further choices for you in the forthcoming time, so you’re going to get a complete range of character customization options.

Process of character development

Let’s research on the process of developing a character in PUBG game, ranging from concept to complete model. You can check out the short video done by two artists in the development team who are in charge of character art, named Taehuyn and Cedric.

At first, a lot of concepts were started with and given out by those two artists. You can see the pictures below to find out various principal concept formations.

After selecting a character design, Taehyun starts to make the final concept art.

Then, those final concepts will be split into a reference sheet, then the character artist will get ready to start making the 3D model for the game.

After Cedric has received the reference sheets, he begins to process on the hi-poly 3D sculpt of character. It could take him around 3 weeks to complete. The lead artist and Art Director will frequently send their feedback to the lead character artist during this process.

If the team is satisfied with the final result, a low-poly version will be made to add to the game world.

PUBG 3D Sculpt

After that, the model is made with physically-based rendering (PBR) textures, you can check out the final result with the following images:

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