Character Customization

Character Customization


Are you excited to check out character customization in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game? Needless to say, characters are considered as a crucial component in all PC games, including PUBG. The artists and the design team always find it very difficult to do this part. Let’s find out what they did!

Requirements for making the character customization in PUBG game

  • The standard of the character must be high.
  • The character edition shouldn’t be low. It can partially occur in the player screen and in the game, especially when the players employ items.
  • Rendering the characters must be done in an effective way since the frame-rate of the game is always high.
  • The characters are not allowed to utilize many resources.
  • The system has to develop in accordance with the game right after launch.

Customizing the character in PUBG game

Mutable was used for carrying out the system in Unreal Engine. It was known as a middleware for the character customization that was grown at Anticto over the past years. Some basic small games also utilized the middleware too.

A brand new tool was made inside the Unreal Engine editor to make sure that the artists could utilize diagrams to specify the character structure. You can see the appearance of a character’s basic naked body with the image below:

The appearance of a character’s basic naked body

The artists are able to make a lot of character parameters. The players can direct some of the characters when making their avatar, but the game will direct others depending on the equipment of the player.

Skin Tone Parameter

Making Avatar

The parameters can be linked to various effects, consisting of image layer effects that are like Photoshop, morphing, some 3D mesh component. The artists are able to attach a lot of those effects without using any program.

There are plenty of attachments for the character. All of them can be made in different diagrams inside the editor, and they include hair styles, clothing, etc. Every single attachment is able to provide its own editions for more customization.

plenty of attachments for the character

The attachments are matched in the game, and they are all ready for the character.

The attachments are matched in the game

The combination is somewhat important because the character items will have an interaction with each other. If you put a hat on, surely you don’t want to reveal your hair. The artists are given several tools to manage this:

The combination

Several detail modification is required based on the attachment’s layering:

the attachment's layering

The system gives out some building blocks, the artist is able to make a decision on how to utilize them wisely to gain various effects.

Projectors could be one of the most exciting effects being developed now. With them, the players can attach tattoos to various body parts, or add logos to the clothing attachments.

the players can attach tattoos to various body parts

add logos to the clothing attachments

You should keep track of each of the updates to find out more things for the character options.

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