Changelog & Introduction

Changelog & Introduction

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Thanks to the support of fans for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds download game, the developer has more motivation to improve every bug and bring to the player a better match.

  • On 8/27/2017 Weekend, the guide for the beginner was 99{cc1fd4bb131456ebba05870cee5e5d11cf15b5d0f9495d7134f87cbe575ca175} complete. In addition to that, the proof-reading was also done.
  • On 8/19/2017 Weekend, more information and sections were added. Besides, the tutorial was organized a little.
  • On 8/10/2017 Weekend, more parts and news were added, for example, MOUT. The advice was arranged more.
  • On 8/7/2017, the instruction was written down.

PUBG Beginner Guide: Changelog & Introduction


The guide will upgrade the own ability of survival and killing. However, it will not guarantee the winning chance.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG (pronounced Pub-‘G’) is considered as a battle royale game in which you are among 100 people who are parachuting onto a massive island. And you will have to fight against each other after that. It is 99{cc1fd4bb131456ebba05870cee5e5d11cf15b5d0f9495d7134f87cbe575ca175} boredom and 1{cc1fd4bb131456ebba05870cee5e5d11cf15b5d0f9495d7134f87cbe575ca175} sheer terror.

You are able to beat the challenge once every 20 hours. It is utterly hard, not willing to unforgiven, and unfair. Even taking an only step or waiting too long will cause a serious consequence. Ironically, you can conquer the round without collecting any kill. You need to understand the risk in the journey and the reward that you will receive before you determine what you can implement. Aside from that, doing a cost to frequently analyze the prize before you run out of time is necessary.

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, you may want to have every advantage that you can get. The guide contains many seemingly insignificant minor details. Nevertheless, every sentence will save your life and grant a lot of useful tips or unlock several selections which were previously invisible. After leaving the combat, you can read the lesson a few times so as to see if you could have accomplished what you expect.

You can win 1 solo, 2 duos, and 1 squads FPP after 80 hours. Most of the deaths will be tracked by the phrase “I should have…” Meanwhile, you can prevent a lot of them.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is categorized into distinct stages.

  • Collect guns and head rapidly to the Zone
  • Pick up and reach the Zone
  • Gather and walk slowly into the area
  • Go slower into the region
  • At that point, you need to possess a rifle, bullets, and meds.
  • Become the top player and win!

The strategy that you are recommended to use is to attempt to get to the top 10.

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