Be Aware of These

Be Aware of These

- in PUBG Guide

Be Aware of These

Whether you are joining the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game alone or taking part in a team with the other friend, you need to self-check the following items.

Zone Awareness

The Zone in the game is one of the most dangerous parts. If you do not head to the white-zone fast enough, you will not stay in the optimal deadly position or you must sprint to escape the open into the area in which you can be shot by snipers. Try to approach the finish region before you get ‘zoned-out’. In case you have enough time, you are able to move cautiously.

Once you get to the spot, remember that it is your priority. the first level of the blue gas will bring to you very little damage. However, you do not be fooled. Higher levels can put an end to your life in an instant. So, don’t be “zoned out” or you will be playing a Marathon and bandage Simulator. The zone may be located on the opposite side of the map. You may be zoned out frequently. Stand in the center in order to maximize the own minimal movement. If a new place is going to be effective, just wait until you realize the new one before you continue. It’s vital to where you will discover.

Noise Awareness

Even creating a tiny noise will make the foe nearby stop. It will alert them. Crawling carelessly will bring back to you more dangers. Hold the walk button and move. Or, aim and move (aim-walking). Both of ways will be more useful and safer than normal movements. Tap the direction button several times to have no noise while moving. Silence is the important key in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game.

PUBG Beginner Guide: Be Aware of These


If you’d like to become the winner, most of the time, you have to avoid conflict. If you engage a combat, your presence will be detected. You can be wounded, looted, and more. The second wave of the foe may come after completion to your existing place and finish off you as well as take stuff you have stolen. Shoot down the guy out in the open or you will be attacked.

Crab mentality

It mentions to crabs in the bucket and a way of thinking best which is described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you.”  They cannot escape because they always grab each other. For human behavior, it is considered that members of a group will try to negate or diminish the importance of anyone who attempts to be successful beyond other people, out of envy, spite, conspiracy to block their progress.

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