Anti-Cheat Update

Anti-Cheat Update


About Anti-Cheat Update

Come to Anti-Cheat Update you will have the chance to understand much more about measures that the development team uses to stop and remove those who have bad intentions.

In Rules of Conduct, “Play Fair and Respect Other Players” is considered as a principle around which their game is built. To achieve the full Battle Royale experience, make sure all of 100 participants must play fair. That is the reason why you and competitors are recommended to follow the rule and respect each other since the earliest pre-alpha test in July 2016.

About Anti-Cheat Update

After you decide to eject from the airplane and take part in the crazy adventure, you have to keep in mind that you will become the last standing man. However, there is a serious problem leading to the wrong report somebody suspected as a cheater. The team deeply apologized for that inconvenience and promised to fix it soon. Their top objective is to create an environment in which you do not worry about cheating issues.

Before reaching that goal, they set up a dedicated group so these people will concentrate on fighting against cheat programs. After launching on Early Access, they declared to find out and prevent those. As a part of their effort, they have already developed another internal anti-cheat solution. They will publish an early version to solve troubles on their live servers next week. It is the one that is currently being checked on test servers. Their action will go with systems that have been advanced and carried out. The major focus is blocking unauthorized channels but it will be further progressed to spread the scope of its capability.

The feature will obstruct different helper programs that change the graphics or support in gameplay. These have the common point that they can fasten with the game and transform game files. Furthermore, which ones that are not chosen to earn an unfair edge over the opponent can be blocked if they work like cheats.

Some that do not have an effect on the gameplay of PUBG game may be stopped up for a short time while the group is enhancing new anti-cheat features.  They are checking those that are being interdicted on test servers. They will give the necessary opportunity for harmless programs to be used quickly.

The list of other effective measures

In-game Report Function

It is being ameliorated so reports and cheat activities will be reviewed and substantiate accurately. The internal system is being established to look into reported contents faster and more reliably. If you face a suspicious player, please select the report function. The gameplay may be different because of bugs or network matter.

File Modification

If you disarrange the game files, you cannot access anymore, especially when you delete, alter, or manipulate in any method the files affecting any game system and mechanics.

Account Sharing

An announcement for those of players using family sharing on Steam was released. It was an exciting feature that accounts holders could pick their character with other Steam accounts if necessary. Nevertheless, the team canceled activating that since they verified a few vulnerabilities which are being mined.

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