All About DBS – The Toughest Shotgun In PUBG PC

All About DBS – The Toughest Shotgun In PUBG PC

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Having a good grasp of PUBG Weapons will give you more advantages over other players in the battlegrounds. As you know, there are many elements that make PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds a famous battle royale game. Among those elements, it will be a big mistake without mention its weapons. Besides gameplay, weapons play an important role in your success as well.

the most powerful shotgun in the PUBG game

Speaking of weapons in PUBG PC game, most players will go with shotguns as this weapon type has become the most common weapon in battles, even though the guns have been less chosen recently for some degrades. However, in the latest PUBG Update, Tencent has made PUBG Shotguns more maneuverable and useful. The most famous shotgun that is worth mentioning now must be DBS which is considered to the most powerful shotgun in the PUBG game. Without further ado, let’s step into more specific details about this shotgun!

The Toughest Shotgun In PUBG PC

Key features and information about PUBG DBS Shotgun

PUBG DBS Shotgun has some key information that you should know before using it in combat. The first thing is where to find it. For your information, you can only find PUBG DBS in airdrops. This means you must keep an eye on the airdrops in your area and open all the drops to get this weapon for yourself.

Unlike other PUBG Shotguns, DBS has its own damage range with a radius of up to 15 meters. Feel free to add scopes to the gun, except for x8. In addition, the magazine of DBS is able to stock a maximum of 14 bullets. When in close-ranged combat, you only need 2 bullets to shoot an enemy with level-3 armor. But, when you join long-ranged combat, you may want to change to another gun because PUBG DBS Shotgun has no advantages.

DBS Shotgun in PUBG PC free download has its own advantage which is that it is very useful in close-ranged combat due to its utmost accuracy. If you want to push and kill your rivals fast when moving and shooting them, then using PUBG DBS Shotgun will help you with that. The drawback that this shotgun brings to you is that you can only find it in airdrops, causing looting it to be hard. Also, not all airdrops you found store this shotgun all the time. For the combat on PUBG Miramar map which brings fights from afar, don’t think about using a DBS because it sucks in long-ranged combat.

Mastering this type of shotgun in PUBG PC is the first thing you need to have if you want to get good results. Let’s take a look at an example when you want to get an edge over your opponents, a backup position is always needed to protect and cover yourself if the enemies have not been defeated yet. With the utmost accuracy that DBS Shotgun brings to you, you can easily run, jump and even shoot at enemies simultaneously without worrying about being slipped. Just surprise your enemies in that way and you will get an upper hand on them. But if you take part in a long-range fight, make sure you prepare an AR or DMR in advance if you cannot shoot with DBS and use up all DBS bullets.

That’s all for the basic information PUBG DBS Shotgun – the most powerful shotgun for your combat for now. For further weapon types in PUBG PC game, don’t forget to check out other PUBG guides on weapons and you will become proficient in all weapons.

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